There’s power in the naming of things

Byaghro over at Casual Wow tagged me with the newest meme created by Fulguralis and Fuubaar at Killing ’em Slowly.

“How did you chose your names in WoW?”

Lilac the Gnome Warlock
Once upon a time.. Lilac was named “Ette”. I like the implications of the name.. “ette” is a french word ending that means essentially “little and female”. I couldn’t think of a better description for a tiny gnome gal. Unfortunately, it -looks- better written down than it sounds out loud. “Ette” said out loud sounds like “et” … very short.. and clipped.. and well.. it’s the french word for “it”. I -really- didn’t like the implication of calling my warlock “it”. So my dissatisfaction began.
About the time I started becoming annoyed at “Ette-out-loud” I created a hunter alt. When searching for names for this new alt I tried out “Lilac” the flower… amazingly, it was available. So, for a few days I had a hunter alt named Lilac. Slowly I realized.. I really like the name Lilac.. and the warlock was far more likely to become a main than the hunter.. and well.. how totally appropriate is it to have a Warlock (who’s class color is purple) named “Lilac”? So I deleted “Lilac the hunter” and paid $10 to rename “Ette” to “Lilac”.
I’m also kind of delighted at the irony of “evil warlock” named after pretty purple flowers.

Tatia the Draenei Paladin
When Burning Crusade first came out I made a Draenei Paladin. Since their accent sounds kind of russian I wanted a Russian-sounding name. Tatiana, my first choice, was already taken so I settled on Tatia.

Obliette the Night Elf Druid
Obliette is a french word for “somewhere you put something to forget it”. Literally “oblie” – to forget and “ette” – little and female. Obliette is my not-often played druid. I think she’s now in her 40s. She was the 4th character I ever created (created long before Ette/Lilac and Tatia). I like the -idea- of the druid.. but I just can’t seem to totally get into the play style. I =love= her name though.

Entropy the Blood Elf Warlock
Named back when warlocks were unstoppable πŸ™‚ for the saying “Entropy always wins”. Entropy the ‘lock was named both for the unbeatable implications of the name.. and because “Entropy” the word has “evil” or at least “dark” connotations I wanted for my Blood Elf Warlock.

– Llanion (who is sometimes Bob) of Mooonfire!
Ratshag & Co. of Need More Rage
Ziya of Combat Medic

You may not have noticed.. but I blog as Nibuca.. and that’s not a character name. Nibuca is -MY- nick name.

Once upon a time.. a long long LONG time ago I got my first logon for our university VAX/VMS system(we’re talking mid 90s here). When you logged in it asked you to type your name. I typed “Monica” (My RL handle). Now this was back in the days when I was new to touch typing. Occasionally I’d get “off by one” in touch typing.. so my right hand would be one key too far to the left. When you setup in this way, “Monica” comes out as “Nibuca”. A friend noticed this and adopted it as my nickname. Thus my online-handle was born.

It helps that “nibuca” is almost -never- taken whenever I log on to a new online service. So it’s convenient.

And.. being referred to as “mystic nibbles” makes me giggle.

9 thoughts on “There’s power in the naming of things

  1. Explaining names is kinda like having to explain a joke. They lose all their magic when you do and you sacrifice a part of your soul. But, for you I will give the abbreviated version.

    Diogenes: 3rd cent BC Philosopher who taught ascetic virtues.
    Skard: Sounds like scarred and a redneck saying scared.
    Thulsadume: “Steel isn’t strong boy, flesh is stronger”

  2. “Nibuca: stealing pieces of your soul every day” ***

    *** when you explain a joke a piece of your soul dies.. or rather is stolen. (evil laugh)

  3. I don’t want to make you pay $10 but that’s “Oubliette” from “Oublier” (to forget)

  4. Woot, and soul stealing is what I’m all about, so yeah… if the demon fits… if not, that’s why there are daggers.

    I love the thinly veiled nerdiness of Entropy the warlock by the way. Lilac is also one of my favorite smells from my childhood, so it, too, fits nicely in a little ironic place inside of me. Well played.

    Fulguraliss last blog post..It’s only a "Meme"ory

  5. @Marmou
    OOPS! I -think- I can leave it misspelled.. Maybe I can be totally ok with a mispelled name. oO {fighting off her OCD tendencies}

    We’re all about the veiled geekiness here πŸ™‚

    And yes.. reference to Earthsea. It’s been a long time since I read those.

  6. I love the time you put into naming your characters, and what comes of it – I especially like the name of your warlock and your druid πŸ™‚

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