0/0/0 ?

Does it make me a sad and compulsive blogger that I’m actually considering spending 1k g just so I can have a 0/0/0 spec to flip into for testing out spells without hurting my “real” spec?

5 thoughts on “0/0/0 ?

  1. Yeah.. I want to test my (not so) mad math skills when some of the variables are set to 0 (and can be ignored). Then I’ll creep them up and add a talent point here and there.. and make sure that my tested value matches my predicted values.

    Last time I tried this it took me about a week.. and I ended up respecing about 8 times.. it was very expensive.. and I’m not eager to repeat the experience.

  2. You’ll still need to pay for a respec when you want to go back to 0/0/0 though (after you take some talents for testing). I can see the cost savings from a free swap to your regular swap for raiding when you’re still in the middle of testing though.

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