Wrath Shard Farming

I’ve decided Heroic Violet Hold is my new favorite shard farming area. Done right it’s 30 minutes from start to finish.. you get 3 heroic badges, it has a nice +hit trinket [item]Mark of the War Prisoner[/item] and bracers [item]Azure Cloth Bindings[/item] and it can quickly refill your shard bag in perparation for the next day of raiding. Just because I hate -starting- a raid at 17 shards.

3 thoughts on “Wrath Shard Farming

  1. With patch 3.1 shard farming becomes much easier. The changes to Drain Soul allow a shard to proc off of every tick, not just when the mob dies. Long term I -do- believe Blizz is working toward changing the Shard system. I don’t know into what.. but I get the feeling it’s going to change.

    Roll a ‘lock alt. We’re deliciously irreverent.

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