Hand off ma Phat Lootz!

Under no circumstances are you to be allowed to goto YAWN and write a 450 word article in an attempt to win phat lootz(**

They’re my lootz TYVM and you can just look the other way.. and procrastinate.. and let me have it already.

Seriously! What shadow-y grrl hasn’t lusted after an Imp in a Ball. IT’S MINE I TELL YOU AND YOU CAN’T HAVE IT! So, don’t click on the link.. and for sure don’t write an article.. cause my article’s going to be better than yours anyway. Just give up now.. you know it’s for the best.

**All attempts at humor are the fault of Nibuca and are not meant as slights against Horns, a perfectly respectable Warlock blogger. See details to enter. Not valid in the state of ennui. No warlock whines. No hunters were harmed in the making of this announcement.