Lilac, Warlocks

WWS and the Affliction Warlock

Go read this by Candian Pimp on the Warlock’s Den: How to analyze your WWS reports as Affliction In this post I’m going to examine my performance in the fight last night where we downed Patchwerk. Here’s the full WWS from last night: Naxx-25 3/4. We downed Patchwerk and then wiped a bunch on Grobbulus. After you’re hit capped, the…

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Quicky Drive-by-update

Work is busy. Very little time to write. Last night we threw together a 25-man Naxx. No really.. there was nothing on the schedule.. and then fiancee said “Hey, I want to do something”. He tried to throw together OS-10 and VoA-10 but someone else had that on the schedule for later this week. So instead he threw together Naxx-25.…

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Sliding Tiles

Did you ever play with one of these sliding number puzzles? You start off with all the numbers in order.. and the blank in the bottom right-hand corner.. and you give it to a 3-year-old to play with for an hour.. and it comes back all scrambled. So then you have to spend time trying to unscramble what the three-year-old…

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