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Month: April 2009

TNB Live – 3.1 the Universe and Everything

Hi all, Be sure to tune in tonight April 30 LIVE at 9:30pm PST for the Twisted Nether Blogcast. I’ll be talking with Hydrargyrum of Almost Evil, Runyarusco of Unbearably Hot, Maerdred of Tree Bound Cat, Lassirra of The Hunter’s Mark, and Anna of Too […]

Musings on Theorycrafting

While interviewing Graylo of Gray Matter (a Moonkin theorycrafter) for TNB 41 (now available for download) I was struck by the thought that his reasons for theorycrafting sound very similar to mine. When told “use XXX-spell to do best damage” my first response was “yeah.. […]

Emalon idle wondering

On Emalon’s adds, after one of the adds get the buff, would it be better to just spam Seed of Corruption on all four of them? I -think- my SoC damage on 4 targets is greater than my single target damage. Especially in a 20 […]

Warlockery: Affliction very short term damage

The following is -only- important when you’re single targeting trash that’s going to die very quickly. In a boss fight the loss of one tick is frankly insignificant. If you are part of the “trash is not important” camp.. feel free to skip this entry. […]

Site Remodel

Hi all.. tiny note, did a smidge of a remodel to the blog. I’d appreciate any feedback on it. Thanks.

Hardware can kiss my ass

I hate hardware. With every fiber of my being. I hate having to mess with it. I hate having to diagnose it.. I hate having to fiddle with it. I can -do- it.. but every moment of the experience is excruciating..and makes me violent. Add […]

State of the UI: April 2009

Review of my UI post patch 3.1..photoImgDiv img { padding: 0px; } Full Size picture

Squeeky in her new-ness

Long busy weekend. Saturday morning I logged in and was thinking maybe I should try tanking something easy (a regular dungeon or one of the easy heroics) but there just never seemed to be a group interested in the easy stuff. So instead I started […]

ORLY? When’d that happen?

Once upon a time.. a long long time ago.. I tried to assign the keys on the number pad (the cube of numbers to the right of the letters on the keyboard) to spots on my button bars. I -swear- that didn’t work and WoW […]

Raiding is Fun

Things are looking hopeful on the raiding front. Last night’s raid was the -most- fun I’ve had raiding in a while. Everyone was very relaxed and jovial. We cleared the Spider wing and the Military wing in Naxx-25. We did it with 22 people, got […]