Raiding is Fun

lies_damnlies1Things are looking hopeful on the raiding front. Last night’s raid was the -most- fun I’ve had raiding in a while. Everyone was very relaxed and jovial. We cleared the Spider wing and the Military wing in Naxx-25. We did it with 22 people, got the achievement “Heroic:The Safety Dance”, had very high DPS and not one single wipe.

I’m hoping the change in raiding attitude is as a result of the discussion the night before. If so.. whoo hoo! I’m totally excited about our future as a “casual raiding” guild.

Lilac picked up [item]Dying Curse[/item] and rolled on, but didn’t win the head-piece off of Faerlina.

I came in 5th with just over 3k dps overall (WWS). I’m not sure precisely what to make of that. On a dummy pre-3.1 I was pushing 2.4k dps. Post-3.1 I’m getting 2k dps on the test dummies.

I didn’t have a chance to fiddly my gear around.. so for the run I was about 3% over hit. After the run I was able to take some time and reorganize my gear to drop the +hit gear in favor of +dmg gear.

Pre-3.1 I was usually running at around 2k dps. According to last night’s WWS I was running 3kdps. So.. idaknow. I really wanted to write the post that siad I was down 20% damage due to the patch.. but according to the WWS.. I’m up quite a bit.. and so are alot of others.

Pre-3.1 I was topping the damage meters(or in the #2 postion). Post-3.1 I’m dong more dps.. but coming in at #4/5 overall. Just weird.

So.. um.. go me!

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