ORLY? When’d that happen?

wowscrnshot_041809_012452Once upon a time.. a long long time ago.. I tried to assign the keys on the number pad (the cube of numbers to the right of the letters on the keyboard) to spots on my button bars. I -swear- that didn’t work and WoW totally ignored those keys. If I’d been able to setup the numpad I never would have started to use my Nostromo N52.. but that’s another story.

Anyway, Friday night very early Saturday morning I was wondering if you could keybind “change to my other spec”. I figured it’d be in my keybindings.. now that I think of it, I still don’t know the answer to that.. but I stumbled on something even more interesting.

NumPad is now available for keybinds. ORLY!

By default it’s bound to vehicle stuff.. SRSLY, who cares about vehicle stuff? In the Keybind screen Vehicle bindings occur right after “mark my target with a raid symbol bindings”. Has that always been there? I think not.. ’cause I so would have noticed. Anyway, after like 1 second of thinking I unbound the numpad from the vehicle and re-bound it to raid markings (see picture). I’m tempted to paint lucky charms on my num pad (is that too geeky?).

I think I need to read through the keybinds more carefully.. I wonder if there’s anything else I’ve missed.

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  1. Thats weird that you haven’t been able to do that before, I’ve had the number pad keybound for around a year now.

  2. I have keybound to my number pad for quite a while. For those that use the keyboard to move I have suggested to use it instead.

    Unbind Num Lock because that is silly. Then put forward, back turn left, and turn right to 8, 5, 4, and 6. Then keybind strife left and right to 7 and 9. Pick another key for auto run like the big + button. Works well if that is the way you choose to move.

    This also increases the keys your left hand can use for keybindings.

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  3. Careful when using the keypad for binding. The binds are (or were – see my pretty n52te there on the left?) sensitive to the numlock state. numlock is the default binding for autorun. Never new what my shady priest was going to do. See the pretty n52te there on theleft?


  4. That’s weird because I’ve used the numberpad keybindings since I started about 2 years ago. I would like to set up my nostromo but its been so long since I’ve used it I can’t remember how to set the dang thing up.

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  5. OKAY, it’s vaguely, slightly possible that the last time I tried to setup keybinds with the number pad.. I was a noob. It’s no big thing.. I’m so totally over it. πŸ™‚

    Am I also pulling a noob moment thinking the “raid icon on target” is new? Srsly, until last night I’d never noticed it.

  6. You could macro the process of switching specs, and keybind those.

    /run SetActiveTalentGroup(1)
    /run SetActiveTalentGroup(2)

    Hope that helps =)

  7. I was able to re-assign the numpad way, way back when I was a keyboard turner (a very long time ago), but then again I think I was still using Bongos (the original!) back then, too.

    I think painting the lucky charms on your number pad is a genius idea. Go for it!

  8. Hm – the NumPad is the ONLY reason I haven’t gotten a gaming pad as of yet. I just never seem to have enough keys to bind stuff to! I’m thinking of remapping my keyboard entirely, but the truth is that I’m so used to my current keybindings that I just really haven’t done it yet.

  9. Ok.. so let’s pretend I renamed this entry to “I’m a noob and you read my crap anyway” πŸ˜›

    Yeah.. so this is news to me πŸ˜€

  10. To your unanswered question: put the following in a macro –

    /script if (GetActiveTalentGroup() == 1) then SetActiveTalentGroup(2) end; if (GetActiveTalentGroup() == 2) then SetActiveTalentGroup(1) end;

    To your keypad question, keypad has been available for quite a while – I have the skull, X, and star symbols bound to 1, 2, and 3 on the numpad.

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