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Hardware can kiss my ass

Computer HellI hate hardware. With every fiber of my being. I hate having to mess with it. I hate having to diagnose it.. I hate having to fiddle with it. I can -do- it.. but every moment of the experience is excruciating..and makes me violent. Add to that.. it never turns out well.. I only fiddle with hardware when it’s not working.. and almost invariable.. the fiddling ends only when I give up and throw more money at the problem.

Last night was no exception. Last night was our first night of running the “progression raiders”. I was very excited. I managed to get out of work about 10 mins early and made it home with plenty of time to spare. Fiancee had agreed to make dinner.. so I walked in the door ready to log in.

Then remembered that I wanted to be sure I had updated my addons. So I ran the curse client and then logged in. *** Stop right there.. and notice: Curse client ran with no problems and download updated addons. So right then.. everything was hunky dory.

I touched nothing.. I fiddled nothing. I unplugged/replugged nothing. Nothing changed… then when I attempted to log in the Blizz downloader popped up and said I needed to download a patch. I guess there was some kind of mini-patch. Anyway.. I tried to kick it off.. but nothing was happening. No clickable buttons.. progress bar not moving.. just.. nothing. I got a slightly queasy feeling in the pit of my stomach.

Um. ok.. Reboot. Computer came up and now the little “connection” icon says I’m connected to a local network.. but it’s unable to identify it.. and most certainly can’t figure out how to find the Internet. Spent 15 mins fiddling with it. Becoming more frustrated and frantic. I wanted to go on the progression raid /whine.

Raid time comes. We reboot the router and the modem. Fiancee is able to connect with no problem. My computer still refuses to admit that the Internet might exist. At this point I’m practically frothing with anger. I’m having to remind myself that throwing things and /nerdraging on the equipment and destroying it doesn’t make it work better.

– My computer can’t find the Internet.
– When I unplug my computer from the router my computer notices it’s be disconnected.
– Regardless of that, when I -am- plugged into the router (and my computer notices it’s plugged in) I still can’t ping the router. There’s no response to Regardless of which port I’m plugged into.
– Totally unable to ping the modem (

Multiple reboots of the PC and franticly clicking “fix this already you stupid steaming pile of cow plop” have no effect.

After raging on this for about an hour (at which point the progression raid has filled up and moved on without me). Fiancee suggests that I call tech support. I don’t want to.. because I think the problem is with either my PC or with the router in which case I don’t want to spend 20 mins on tech support hold for them to check what I’ve already checked and declare that it’s my problem.

Finally fiancee suggests I fiddle stuff around and begs for 5 mins from the raid group (since my fiddling was going to knock him off-line). We reboot the router and the modem again.. and move cords around. When all is done I still can’t find the Internet.. and now fiancee’s computer can’t find the Internet. We -did- discover that if my computer is connected to the modem directly, it works fine. Finally we decide the router is borked and fiancee connects directly to the modem.. and I drive off to buy a new router.

One visit to Best Buy later.. and I’m home with a fancy new router. Break the seal, open the box, pull out the install CD. Installation says “put in CD player and follow prompts”. That I can do. Pop in the CD. Wait for the install to start. Whir, chug, whir. Setup pops up and informs me that I’m not using a supported operating system. Buh.. what?

Installation software says Vista-32 is supported. I’m using Vista-64. I snatch up the box and read over it.. it says “Vista” is supported. /curse /fume /swear.

Installation software says “if you’re trying to do this on an unsupported OS, read the operating manual”. There’s no manual in the box. oh.. kay. There’s an Operating Manual in the setup software. Click that to read the manual. Setup software informs me that it can’t find the app to launch a .pdf.. and gee would I be ever so kind and connect to the Internet so it can download Adobe Reader. RAGE!!! RAAAAAGGGGGGGEEEEEEEE! I actually saw red.

Sit fuming at screen. Progression raid ends.

Fiancee starts helping me to setup the router. He has Adobe Reader. Within 10 mins it’s setup and we’re both back online.

Just goes to show.. I should never mess with hardware *sigh*.


In other news, Bre, from the Twisted Nether Blogcast, is taking a bit of time off and I’ve agreed to help Fimlys co-host the show. Tonight at 9:30PM PST we’ll be interviewing Graylo from Gray Matter live on UStream. Please pop by the Twisted Nether Blog for more information about how to listen to us live.

Lastly, just a note, I’ve gotten the urge to remodel the blog (fix the archive, make it a bit stretchier, steamline the navigation a bit…). So although I’ll try not to break anything.. things may be changing a bit around here. Wish me luck

9 thoughts on “Hardware can kiss my ass

  1. aww poor Nib! I totally feel your frustration. /comfort!!! Glad you got it all sorted even though you had to miss out on a night of fun.

    syllys last blog post..New Druid Resources on the Official Forums

  2. I had that same issue last night. I just went to the wow directgory and ran wow.exe directly…wow launcher waas just having issues.

  3. And now uninstall Adobe Acrobat and get the vastly-superior-in-every-way Foxit.
    Adobe is bad 🙁

    Looking forward to the show tonight! I’m fairly sure I’ll remember to come!

  4. My fits of Nerd Rage are legendary.

    I once snapped a laptop in half. Nothing a few square feet of electrical tape couldn’t fix, but uncool nonetheless.

    I usually find the best solution is just to walk away.

    Anyway, happy it all got sorted out. Won’t be able to catch the show tonight, but I’m glad you’ll be up and running for it when I listen later.

    Samodeans last blog post..Create Your Own Azeroth: Patience

  5. It’s probably a bit late now, but did you try re-setting up your home network? I don’t use vista and so I’m not sure about the process but it’s happened to me before in xp that the connections go all screwy and I can’t find my wife’s pc on the network anymore/can’t access internet. Doing the whole “set up a home network wizard” thing helps fix that most of the time.

  6. I have had this same problem, can’t connect to the internet through the router but could connect directly from the computer. Turns out that the internet connection type setup in the router reset for some reason, accessed the router, redid my connection info and back to surfing.

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