Emalon idle wondering

On Emalon’s adds, after one of the adds get the buff, would it be better to just spam Seed of Corruption on all four of them? I -think- my SoC damage on 4 targets is greater than my single target damage. Especially in a 20 second window. Hrmmm.. need more maths.

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  1. Unless I misunderstand the fight (never done it), the damage done to non-overcharged adds is irrelevant, since they heal when they get the buff.

  2. I totally get that the damage too adds 2-4 is irrelevant.. BUT since there are four of them standing around.. and hurting/killing them doesn’t matter.. I’m wondering if I (as an affliction warlock) would generate more damage by single-targeting one of them.. or by spamming seed on all four of them.

    Since the add’s only going to be around for 20 seconds … I’m just perplexed how to generate the most single target damage.

  3. Generally – I see SoC topping normal damage on 3 or more adds. On 3 adds, it’s close. 4+, margin. If you’re getting the add down with time left, then spam away. If it’s close, it would be better for the group if you went single target.

  4. … we’re still “those people” .. you know.. the ones who have adds explode with 1/3 of its health left. W’ere not “getting the add down” at all.. let alone “with time left”. We’re working on it.

  5. I doubt SoC spam would be higher single-target dps, since SoC still has a 2 sec cast time? At that rate, you’d probably be better off spamming shadow bolts. I dunno, SoC seems to have fallen by the roadside in WotLK and channeled AoEs such as Rain of Fire and Blizzard seem to be top since they can crit now and tick much faster.

    My warlock is languishing at level 72, so obviously I can’t speak from experience at Emalon. But what I can suggest is what we did as Affliction with Leotheras’ demons and Vashj’s tainted elementals. Open up with Shadowburn (if you have it). This starts the cooldown early to use it again near the end. So at the time, it went something like shadowburn, corruption (to get the chance for nightfall) then spam shadowbolt. In WotLK you’d probably include haunt in after corruption? Or actually if you have a rough idea of when the next overcharge is happening, you could try putting dots (coa + corruption) on all 4 mobs beforehand. Whichever one gets chosen will already have some dots ticking even if they get healed to full, increasing your dps.

    I believe the latest version of deadly boss mods also helps mark the add with a skull now, which should help targeting.

  6. Unless you went in to the 20 second window with full mana, you would probably find yourself drained pretty quickly, I think. Off the top of my head, I think your damage would be equal or even lesser, but you would have to life tap back to full and end up putting unnecessary strain on your healers once the add is down.

    20 seconds is a lot of time. I’d say throw in the appropriate curse to increase everyone’s damage (recklesness VS coe depending on group makeup), corruption, UA, haunt, and shadow bolt spam (in that order). If he’s below 25% go for the crazy drains without refreshing anything.

    It isn’t easy to get those adds down (despite what all 25man guilds that are clearing Yogg already claim… on 10man. dolts.)

  7. I wouldn’t, regardless of whether it’s more damage or mana draining or whatever, because of this – your tank is already going to be doing damage to all of them anyway to keep them on him, and if you start nuking all of them with massive Seed bursts, you risk killing 2, 3, or even all 4 of them.

    Which means the off-tank then has 2, 3, or even 4 adds to go pick up.

  8. To be clear, it’s not about “winning the chart” it’s about killing the damn add before he blows us all up. If what it takes is me adding 10 more dps.. then that’s what it takes.

    ATM we’ve got the outside-the-boss adds down.. and we’ve got the “initial pull” down.. and then the first add goes POP and we all are running back in again.

  9. hm – would you say that SoC brings more overall DPS than Corruption? My lock’s only 72 at the moment, so I’m not 100% sure as to whether the base damage is higher or not (I think my current rank has it as 1200 dps – roughly the same amount as my shaman’s Thunderstorm minus the 45 second cooldown)

    Deleciouss last blog post..Friends VS. Progression

  10. That’s the crux of this “idle wondering”.

    AT the moment I’m leaning towards not spamming SoC for the reasons Stop listed. Killing the extra adds isn’t “bad” except that then the off-tank has to go gather up the new adds. AND SoC would leave me without mana.

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