Musings on Theorycrafting

While interviewing Graylo of Gray Matter (a Moonkin theorycrafter) for TNB 41 (now available for download) I was struck by the thought that his reasons for theorycrafting sound very similar to mine.

When told “use XXX-spell to do best damage” my first response was “yeah.. why?” instead of just blindly following the edict. I want to -know- why I was supposed to do that. If I’m doing something I want to be able to explain why.. and what I’d need to change if change was needed.

At the moment I’m a little overwhelmed in the game. I -want- to go spend quality time with a test dummy.. and instead I’m picking up chocolates on my baby mage so she can have the new Polymorph spell. (Imagine my pissed-offness when I found out my little bitty level 9 mage now has a Polymorph spell she’s going to have to store in her bank until she gets to level 60). There just seems to be 1001 things to do right now that aren’t theorycrafting.

Glancing over my blogroll I’m puzzled that I don’t have more theorycrafters in there. I’m really surprised I don’t have a Mage or Rogue theorycrafter. Am I just following the wrong people? What theorycrafters do you follow?