Where I suck at DPS

yousucklargeWe went into Ulduar-10 and -finally- I got to bring my warlock. In a word.. I sucked. I was lowest on the damage meter.. and it hurt when fiancee not only pointed this out but pointed at the other warlock who was out-dpsing me by quite a bit. I was at 2.1k dps overall (recount showed me at 1.9k). (World of Logs (the new sexy WWS) and WWS.)

The excuses:
I’ve spent so much time on my Pally (or just plain not raiding) I’m rusty on my Warlock.
I keep forgetting to tap before I start my rotation so I’m not getting full benefit from the glyph.
I was dpsing adds on XT-002 while the boss was below 25% so I missed a significant amount of Drain Soul time.
I’ve become timid about spam seeding Razorscale’s adds because so often they peel off the tank and come eat my face.
My Doomguard bugged out and stood still in Razorscale’s blue clouds of fire and DIED even when I was spamming the “get over here” button.
Affliction sucks when you have to keep changing targets.

What am I going to do about it:
I think I need to start pugging more. Just so that I can have time on my ‘lock.
I need to ingrain the “tap before anything” into myself. I’m half tempted to setup my send pet macro to do a lifetap rank 1 with it. Hmm.. wonder if I can. Lifetap causes GCD.. but send pet doesn’t. HMMM.

Affliction -is- weak on adds.. but really it was mostly because of my hesitancy to seed that I sucked dps-wise on those high-add fights. I may switch to RoF where I can more easily control when the AOE starts and ends. Either that or when Razorscale is down, ask the tank to tank right under Razorscale so I can seed the adds AND get good damage on Razorscale.

Again on Razorscale I would stop DPSing and run out of the fight 3-5 seconds before Razorscale did the knockback. On second thinking the fall damage was really minimal so I think I’ll just stay in (and out of the line of fire of the breath weapon) and keep dpsing for those extra seconds.

As a run we had problems because we didn’t have replenishment in the group. I’ve changed my second spec to a replenishment/Destruction spec. Hopefully this will help the healers and also allow me to have higher single-target burst damage.

On a test dummy, unbuffed** I can usually get ~2.6k dps in my Affliction spec. Last night, in my shiny new destruction spec the best I could do was ~2.3k dps. I think that’ll get better as I get more familiar with the rotation.

** My test dummy test: Find an unused Boss dummy that isn’t “dead” or below 35% health (most spec’s do more damage when the mob is at low health.. so if you benchmark against a dead dummy it will give you inflated numbers). I like the ones in Darnassus. Make sure it doesn’t have any other buffs/debuffs on it. You should be buffed only with Fel Armor and your stone of choice. Send pet and do rotation for ~5 mins. At the end, call back your pet and let all dots drop. THEN read the dps number. You will peak higher DURING your rotation but looking at the number after everything drops will give you a more consistent benchmark to compare specs. DURING my rotation I’m normally at ~3.3k dps on my affliction spec.

In a “real” raid your DPS will vary because of raid buffs, movement, deaths and the fact that you can get “execute” damage on the boss. The dummy numbers are only for benchmarks.

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  1. Just work at improving it when you can. As well all things otherwise playtime on character actively using the talents and spells make you more aware and better at it.

    There is nothing wrong if your not as good as you know you can be “while” actively trying and making a effort at improvement.

    Ignorance is more when you know you “can improve” and choose “not to” in the face of competant advice or improvement tips.

    When i tank i can often do at least 2k DPS average and more. More with more buffs as well. In dual spec Ret I’m doing much more than that just in badge/naxx gear.

    Just work at it.

    Galohearts last blog post..Think for Your Self Between the Lines.

  2. I have had my hunter pet bug on Razorscale. I found that having it set to defensive meant that it was trying to attack the blue clouds and obviously not winning.

    Just a thought.


  3. Ahhh very interesting. Doomguards summon by default in defensive. I’ll need to check that next time.

  4. Yes, I saw this last night when tanking RS 25. Quite funny actually; we cleared a wave of adds, I was looking around, and saw a felguard swinging madly at a fire patch way off to the side of the area, with a hunter pet inbound. 🙂
    Which reminds me…DPS…if an add gets through the tanks on RS, they ARE CC’able…yes, telling us on Vent is nice, but if I’m tanking three mobs in the middle of the AOE patch, I’m not pulling them out to grab one more.

  5. In my limited experience with Razorscale (killed him on our one and only Ulduar visit so far), I had the tanks drag over their set of adds to Razorscale the moment she landed. That way all our AoE DPS was able to keep damage on both the dragon and took down the adds as well. Hope you guys can do that next time.

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  6. A major problem with SoC is the way it works it is a beautiful spell but has huge issues like casting time + flight time + the need for a live target and also it does next to no damage to the target. The other alternative as affliction or demo is rain of fire which is good at few targets 3-4 but when more targets exist SoC does much more damage (assuming it lands.)

    If you are a new lock in Uldar I suggest you focus on a simple rotation that you can maintain while surviving and learning the fight after that you can add more spells. For affliction my suggestions are use a different curse. CoA does the most dps but it also suffers from having to be applied often and if clipped it can drop your dps quite a bit, go for Curse of Doom instead for added points make sure you use trinkets before you cast CoD. “Clip” Haunt try to start casting Haunt right after it comes out of cooldown, you can work a SB or UA before you have to cast Haunt but it depends on what is about to happen in the next couple of seconds so play safe and cast Haunt ASAP. Make a macro to cast a Life tap rank 1 every 20 seconds maybe right after you cast UA, make the rotation reset after five seconds so you don’t have to waste a GDC if you already tapped for mana or about to.

    Sorry for the long post but I am trying to boost my DPS too so I feel what you are talking about.

  7. If you’re looking at trash damage as an affliction lock, that’s just silly 🙂

    Don’t run out from Razorscale, before she knocks you back… keep your dot rotation rolling, and your Haunt should heal you up to full no problem.

    Personally my guild doesn’t aoe the adds on 10-man, we single target down the casters, then go after the melee mobs… as affliction, I just dot one, and move onto the next.

    And on Deconstructor, we tank her on the east wall, which means adds only come from the far west wall (tanking her too close to the piles means the adds won’t spawn there) which gives plenty of time for additional boss DPS and to get situated for aoeing the adds.

  8. Out of curiosity what glyphs are you using for your destruction spec? I recently got my wife to start playing and she chose a warlock to play… which naturally is the one class I know nothing about. I’ve been trying to find the glyph of conflag and immolate on the ah but they seem to be nonexistant on my server. She prefers destruction over affliction because she likes setting things on fire and watching the big crits.

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  9. I’ve been raiding with my lock all my life. I was one of the top throughout tbc – that’s easy with a lazy spec (demon-destro). But since the big nerf pre-wotlk I struggled to get above the tanks o.O Sometimes I thought I did so much damage but couldn’t find my name on the top 10 list. 🙁

    thelyses last blog post..running here and there

  10. I’m sorry, your destruction dps numbers for the training dummy don’t make sense compared to the affliction numbers..

    have you learnt the highest rank chaos bolt?

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