Naked Progressive Run

This is what happens when my guild is bored.  We get.. un-bored.

There’s -always- something to do.

😀  Next time we’re going to make it a “drunk naked progressive run”.


  • Goto dungeon of your choice.
  • Strip off all clothes and weapons (though I really think non-stat items like bunny ears should be allowed).
  • Run the instance.
  • Anyone can roll on anything that drops BUT you may only equip items of your armor class (ie, pally can only wear plate items).  You can roll to prevent others from getting that piece.
  • We didn’t do it.. but I think you should allow trading (more cut throat that way).
  • In the end, the person with the most equipped items wins.
  • Congratulations to Drkrogue who ended up with 4 items equipped. He won the 200g prize the guild put up.

7 thoughts on “Naked Progressive Run

  1. Hah that’s an awesome idea. I have no idea how much damage I do without gear. Too bad my “guild” is just a few friends and our alts… and that we’re basically all clothies. On second thought, that would probably make this even more fun/hectic.

  2. Hahaha awesome idea! Will definately try that, it sounds SO funny. + drunk, of course ;>>

    PS: Are you able to make own Anti-spam words? It says pvpsucks, haha 😀

  3. Yeah… but by the time I noticed/rememberd that I’d already created the intro/outro and recorded the narration.. and I figured .. “Meh.. close enough ” 😀

  4. Since I shown guild members your post, they’ve been wanting to try this. Now if I can just get the 5-7 people to go for the achievement and run to boot.
    .-= Elkagorasa´s last blog ..Daily Grind =-.

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