Warlock PVE Affliction Video

Quick video walking through the Affliction rotation I’m currently using on bosses.

Affliction Spec: 54/0/17
Glyphs: Haunt, Curse of Agony, Life Tap
Pet: Succubus
Keep up fel armor and spellstone.

OH hey! Also I found the “make this a very pretty video” dial in Windows Movie Maker so this movie should be v. pretty once it gets done processing.

1 thought on “Warlock PVE Affliction Video

  1. Great guide. One thing that I find useful that you didn’t mention would be using either forteXcorcist or Quartz with a customized background to show channeled spell ticks. While you can wait for Drain Soul ticks to appear and then break the channeling to refresh dots as needed, I like to be able to plan a couple seconds ahead of time and having ticks marked out helps in doing that.

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