“You’re doing it wrong”

doing-it-wrong-ball_2Don’t get me wrong.. I love feedback. I savor it and look back on it and get a warm fuzzy feeling (somebody “loves” me and values my content) but I don’t always agree with the feedback. I still kind of want to snuggle them and whisper sweet nothings in their ears.

Feedback the first, from the post “Where I suck at DPS“:

I wrote:
…I can usually get ~2.6k dps in my Affliction spec. Last night, in my shiny new destruction spec the best I could do was ~2.3k dps

Nine commented:
I’m sorry, your destruction dps numbers for the training dummy don’t make sense compared to the affliction numbers..
have you learnt the highest rank chaos bolt?

I -have- trained the highest chaos bolt (the only time I’ve ever had chaos bolt was when I learned the destruction tree). I will be the first to admit my fingers know the Affliction rotation better then destruction.. Here’s my Destruction details:

Spec: 00/13/58
Glyphs: Life Tap, Conflagrate, Immolate
Stone: Firestone
Pet: Fel Guard

Boss rotation: Lifetap (rank 1)/send pet, Curse of Doom, Immolate, Conflag [backdraft starts], Chaos bolt, Incinerate, Incinerate [backdraft ends]

Life tap as needed to keep the Life Tap buff up
Refresh Curse of Doom and Immolate as needed.
When Conflag is available, cast 1x chaos bolt and 2x Incinerate to use up Backdraft.
Fill with Incinerate.

I have this spec so that I have the option to provide Replenishment to the group when there isn’t another replenishment available. As such, I have spec’d into Replenishment and therefore skipped a couple of potential DPS increasing talents. My goal is to provide replenishment and a decent amount of DPS.. not to be an Uber Destruction Goddess. So although I agree that there are ways to get more DPS out of destruction.. I’m not willing to skip Replenishment to do it.

That said I’m contemplating slight fiddle to this spec to get the good cookies so I can flip specs to provide good cookies to the raid even when I’m using my ‘normal’ spec. (Flip to dest, drop good cookies, flip back to afflic).

How it feels:
It feels awkward. My fingers know the Affliction rotation.. and I have to spend alot of time thinking about the destruction rotation and figuring out what to do next whereas in my affliction spec it’s ingrained. As such, I, in Destruction, perform more poorly than I should because I’m still struggling with the rotation.

Feedback the second, from YouTube about the video from the post “Warlock PVE Affliction Video“:

Njosnavelinn wrote:
dont use coa, remove coa talent points,and remove coa glyph. use coe, and corruption glyph,and try again. you are win some mana and talent points and time.

my rotation=coe,life? tab,shadow bolt,haunt,unstable affliction,corruption.
some shadow bolts,haunt,unstable affliction
and again shadow bolts…

sorry my very bad english, i like your video.

Curse of the Elements adds +13% spell damage. This same buff can be given by a Boomkin (“Earth and Moon”) or an Unholy Deathknights (“Ebon Plagebringer” passive). Most raids I run in have another class providing this buff. So if I changed from CoA to CoE it would ONLY be a drop in DPS.

My Affliction spec currently is: 54/00/17

I -could- shift the two points out of Improved CoA and put them into Improved Life Tap.. but the spec’s already mana neutral. I don’t -need- additional mana. In fact, I dislike the fact that I currently have 1 point in Improved Life Tap.. but I haven’t yet found anywhere better to put it.

I’m tempted to move the point from Improved Life Tap to Dark Pact.. but since I’m currently running with the Succubus that’s not really a good option. The Succy tends to have enough mana to keep her dps up.. but not enough to be Dark pacted.

Thanks for the comments!

4 thoughts on ““You’re doing it wrong”

  1. I recently also dual-spec’d into Destruction and it took me a good while to get the numbers to match up to my Affliction spec. I truly believe that, as you stated, “knowing the rotation” is a big part of the problems I was having.

    I have been in Destro almost exclusively for about a month now and my numbers are constantly improving. I did however, drop the replenishment from my talents, but kept improved cookies. So now when I have to swap from Affliction to Destro I have to announce in raid for everyone to destroy their cookies as I will be giving them better ones now that I’m in Destruction.

  2. I do think it is important, however to point out that CoA is not ALWAYS better. A young Warlock may have viewed your tutorial and taken it as law.

    If a ‘Lock is in a 5-man or even a 10, there’s a chance there won’t be a Boomkin or Unholy DK. Then, CoE WOULD give better DPS, not just for yourself, but for the whole group.

    You’re not “doin it wrong,” Nib. However, I can see how someone would disagree with the video. A small note that “this rotation assumes Earth and Moon or Ebon Plaguebringer” would have helped.

    I should have mentioned something at the time, but well… I suck.

  3. Very true. I’ll update the note on YouTube.

    WRT CoE vs CoA…
    I think (and I haven’t math’d it since 3.1 came out) that you need to have at least 4 people who can benefit from CoE before the overall damage of CoE is greater than the damage you’d get from CoA. So .. in 5-mans I’d stick with CoA.. in 10-/25-mans I’d consider the group make up.

  4. Entirely possible. It’s been a while since I seriously broke down my DPS. My current spec doesn’t use Imp CoA or the glyph.

    Since CoA is less than 13% of my damage, CoE is better for me. But yeah, mileage may vary depending on spec/gear/etc.

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