Almost Tangential

I was reading this article** and noted that they said that “More than 200 million people—about one-fifth of all Internet users—have Facebook accounts.” which is interesting and all.. but then I did the maths.

If: 200 million facebook users = 1/5 of all the Intarwebz users… then
11 million World of Warcraft players ~= 1/100 of all the Intarwebz uers.

Wow.. 1 out of 100 users of the Internet.. slightly more than 1% plays World of Warcraft. That’s kinda cool.

**Among other things, I think Facebook/MySpace/Twitter is about to get slammed by Google Wave. Facebook thinks they’re all cutting edge.. I so totally think they’re wrong. But that’s a story for a different blog.

1 thought on “Almost Tangential

  1. Google Wave… is amazing. I watched the video shortly after Google I/O and though, “If the world’s email could instantly be replaced with Google Wave, I would be thrilled.”
    .-= Brandon Tilley´s last blog ..Forum Post of the Week: The End =-.

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