Hot, Hot, Hot

fireOver the weekend I completed Midsummer Festival on my main (she’s one holiday away from a Violet Proto-drake)(assuming they don’t throw a new “Pilgrim” holiday into the requirements). I also completed the honor/desecrate circuit on my baby druid and hunter.

Outside of the cities, my 80 ‘lock was attacked twice by hordies. I -get- that it’s a pvp-esque event and I expect to have a couple of run ins with the other faction. I get it.. I’m peeing on their fires and they’ve got their panties in a twist. Whatever.

The first tiff was at Crossroads. I was insta-gibbed by a rogue. I think I was dead before I even got a chance to push a button. They didn’t pursue me when I moved on to the next fire.

The second tiff was while I was riding back from Raventusk Village in the Hinterlands. An 80 Blood Elf Death Knight attacked me and knocked me off my pony.

First off, I suck at PVP and I hate doing it. Second off Death Knights are OP. Third off.. I ROFLSTOMPED the BE Death Knight. Seriously.. I suck at PVP but he sucked more. I death coiled him and then kept him feared until I dotted/Shadow Bolted him down. He never strangulated me.. and I never dipped below 75% health. Seriously.. if you’re going to start something.. finish it.. cause all this little tiff did was make me want to log over to Horde side and tell him how much he sucked at PVP.

Oddly my baby hunter was also attacked in Hinterlands. An 80 Troll Mage decided to attack her on her way back from Raventusk Village. The mage blasted my baby hunter off her pony. I set my ravager to eat the mages face. I had 7 health points left..-7- and the mage turned to “deal with” my pet. I ran away and hid behind a tree. Srsly. I don’t get it. Well ok, maybe I do.. I’m on a PVE server.. and I know that -I- suck at pvp.. but I dunno.. I expect more of the horde. Having a level 80 mage get “distracted” by a level 57 ravager to the point where the mage actually turns away from the lowbie hunter he’s ganking and starts killing the pet.. just pitiful.

– Heirloom shoulders increase the XP gains for the fires. My druid and hunter stole my baby mage’s cloth shoulder and were rockin’ the XP all weekend.
– Baby hunter started the festival at 53 and ended at 58. She completed 3/4 of a circuit before the reset and a full circuit after the reset. She’s now happily resting in Ironforge waiting to see if I need to gear upgrade of if I just want to jump into Outland leveling.
– Baby druid started the festival at 40 and ended at 44. She completed 1/4 of a circuit before the reset and a full circuit after the reset.
– Probably later this week I’ll do the same circuit** with my baby horde-side warlock. I have a itch to have a level-capped hordie.. it’s not a bad itch though.. so it may go away. Though that does mean I need to come up with the horde-side equivalent of my “Fire Festival Path” document. Hmm.. must grep teh Intarwebz.
– All the festival foods stack(hit, +sp, +stam). So for a few blossoms you can totally rock the hard-core food buffs in raid. Add to that, throw a blossom in the fire for a tasty crit bonus and added fire damage.
– If you’re actually completing the fire festival achievement.. note on the outfit that after you can return the shoulders after you dance for 100 blossoms back.
– In the circuit I think the hardest part for lowbies is the run into Winterspring. My baby druid death-flopped into there with only two deaths. She had 3 deaths in the run across Eastern Plaguelands.

All in all, I’m finding the event curiously satifying.

** Nibs Alliance circuit:

Start at the Exodar
Honour Azuremyst Isle
Honour Bloodmyst Isle, return to Exodar,
Boat to Darkshore,
Honour Darkshore
Boat to Darnassus
Honour Teldrassil (Dolanar)
Honour Winterspring
Desecrate Winterspring
Honour Ashenvale
Desecrate Ashenvale
Desecrate Durotar
Steal the Flame of Orgrimmar
Desecrate The Barrens
Desecrate Mulgore
Steal the Flame of Thunder Bluff
Desecrate Stonetalon Mountains
Honour Desolace
Desecrate Desolace
Honour Feralas
Desecrate Feralas
Desecrate Thousand Needles
Honour Tanaris
Desecrate Tanaris
Honour Silithus
Desecrate Silithus
Fly to Mudsprocket
Desecrate Dustwallow Marsh
Honour Dustwallow Marsh
Boat to Menethil

Eastern Kingdom
Honour Wetlands
Honour Arathi Highlands
Desecrate Arathi Highlands
Honour The Hinterlands
Desecrate The Hinterlands
Honour Hillsbrad Foothills
Desecrate Hillsbrad Foothills
Desecrate Silverpine Forest
Desecrate Tirisfal Glades
Steal the Undercity Flame
Honour Western Plaguelands
Desecrate Ghostlands
Desecrate Eversong Woods

Hearth or fly to Ironforge
Honour Dun Morogh
Honour Loch Modan
Descecrate Badlands
Desecrate Burning Steppes
Honour Burning Steppes
ccRedridge Mountains
Honour Elwynn Forest
Honour Westfall
Honour Duskwood
Desecrate Swamp of Sorrows
Honour Blasted Lands
Desecrate Stranglethorn Vale
Honour Stranglethorn Vale

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  1. Wanting to have a level capped character on the other side of the conflict is not unusual. In my spare time, or lately, during my guild mates raid times, I have been leveling a priest on the Alliance side. I sit in my Horde guild’s ventrilo server most of the time I am playing her, so if I am needed I can switch, and I get some friendly jeers and sneers tossed my way when I am on her. It is neat to see the content from another point of view.
    .-= Shawndra´s last blog ..Additional Instances Cannot Be Launched… =-.

  2. Guildie and I used the WoWWiki run through with excellent success.
    .-= Elkagorasa´s last blog ..Carbonite – Unexplored Areas =-.

  3. Me and my boyfriend got attacked twice by lowbies when we were desecrating fires. The funniest was the level 11 troll shaman who thought he could do something to two level 73 paladins.

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