Think of the Role-players! THE ROLE-PLAYERS!!!

Blizz blue announces they’re working way for you to change your faction

(moment of stunned silence while we take it all in)

So.. I -get- it from a “this is just a game” perspective and the “give the players what they want” perspective… but seriously.. the Roleplaying just hurts my head (and kinda makes me laugh).

I’m here to help! In my first ever meta-roleplaying entry here you go:
– Engineering Accident
– Polymorph gone terribly terribly wrong
– Teleporter Malfunctions
– Secret Goblin Experiments

Orc->Gnome “I know I had the body of an orc.. but really I’ve always felt that I was really a gnome.. the troubles in Gnomergon hit me hard.. and I now finally have a way to make my dreams true”

Gnome->Tauren “And so one day it hit me.. rather than trying to ride them.. I really just wanted to -BE- them. The fur was difficult.. but the horns are really throwing off my sense of balance.. I’m sure I’ll get used to it.”

Human->Forsaken “Who knew that the bundle of grain in the back of the larder was actually poisoned?”

Forsaken->Human “Whoo hoo! I’m cured!”

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