Robot pet FTW (redux)

Go here. Register on the site. Get a robot. [Edited to add: Robots are now available. It does look like your account needs to be tied to a account. I plan to do that to mine tonight once I get home. On second reading.. I’m not entirely sure. My account isn’t tied to and I was able to…

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 Musings, Lilac

Razorscale, all together now

Last night I had the opportunity to run Uld-25 on my Warlock, Lilac, with our shiny new guild Alliance**. We went into an already-started Uld-25 and made a bunch of attempts on Razorscale. I had to leave early (recorded TNB Ep 47 with Honor of Honor’s Code)(it should be available for download on Tue/Wed) but even before I left we…

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Macros, Warlocks

Life Tap + Pet Attack Macro

Woot! So it turns out I can add life tap to my pet attack macro. Pet Attack: /target [help] targettarget /petattack [target=pettarget,noexists] target /cast [nochanneling] life tap(rank 1) /stopmacro [target=pettarget,noexists] /petfollow If my target is friendly to me (ie, the tank) use my target’s target and .. If I’m not currently channeling another spell, Life tap (rank 1) (because I…

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Where I suck at DPS

We went into Ulduar-10 and -finally- I got to bring my warlock. In a word.. I sucked. I was lowest on the damage meter.. and it hurt when fiancee not only pointed this out but pointed at the other warlock who was out-dpsing me by quite a bit. I was at 2.1k dps overall (recount showed me at 1.9k). (World…

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“LF Hooker for Blizzcon PST”

From Craig’s List: LF Female: Blizzcon 2009 1 ticket – $1 (Ticket with your name on it, Los Angeles) Looking for a Girl who is interested in going to Blizzcon 2009 I bought tickets for blizzcon and I did not want to go alone again this year. So I bought two tickets and I have nobody to go with. I…

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