Razorscale and Ignis Strategy Notes

More random notes/observations from Ulduar-10. Though I don’t see any reasons these notes wouldn’t hold true in Uld-25.


Add Phase: Boss health 100%-50%: DPS packs of adds until someone can use catapults to pull down the boss. When the boss is on the ground, hit the boss hard. You can’t pull aggro on the boss.

Grounded Phase: Boss health 50%-0%: Boss is permanently grounded. Kill any adds that are up. Alternate tanks to keep their debuff stack low. Tanks kite the boss around the outside of the brown circle. DPS/healers stand in the middle and DPS the boss. Watch your aggro.

During add phase:
– Stay spread out to avoid lightening bolt damage.
– The closer you are to the center of the circle, the more likely you are to get Devouring Flame (the blue cloud) spat on you.
– If a Sentinal is up, a tank pulls the Sentinal off by itself and the ranged kill the Sentinal. DO NOT MELEE THE SENTINAL. DO NOT SEND YOUR MELEE PET TO THE SENTINAL. DO NOT STAND TOO CLOSE TO THE SENTINAL.
– Tanks should group the rest of the adds together so the raid can do some nice AOE on the add packs. Watch your aggro as there’s alot of chaos and it’s easy to pull adds off the tanks.
– If you can’t AOE, the kill order is Sentinal (who should be tanked off by themselves and -not- melee’d), Watcher (the little guys with the lightening bolts), Guardian.
– When Razorscale is down, the tank holds the adds in front of Razorscale so that when she breathes she hits the adds. That damages them too and can take them down.
– As an affliction warlock.. my Haunt/Siphon Life heals me for enough that I don’t stop dpsing to run out of the Wing buffet. This gives me 3-5 more seconds of DPS.
– Also, as I fly backwards I put Curse of Doom on her for a big “boom” in 60 seconds while she’s in the air.

During grounded phase:
– Make sure all the adds are down before DPSing the boss.
– Watch your aggro.
– Don’t stand in front of the boss.


Main-Tank drags Ignis around so that he drops fiery zones on the ground.
Off-Tank picks up the adds and drags them into a fiery zone until they become molten and then into the water so they become brittle.
Ranged DPS hits the brittle add for 5k+ in one shot to shatter the add (causes AOE damage so do not melee).
Casters do not cast during the Flame Jet as you will become silenced.
Occasionally someone will be put into the “hot steamy fanny pack” and must be healed through it (warlock cookies will work in there).

– Tight little box. (yes, appropriate off-color remarks were made about how this was preferred). Tankspot shows them dragging Ignis all the way across the room. We believe that’s unnecessary. If the MT can keep the fiery zones tightly grouped near one of the water pools it will be easier to keep everyone in range for heals and to shatter the brittle add. See image here: The Clover is the Key We do like that.. only in a little box instead of a clover.

2 thoughts on “Razorscale and Ignis Strategy Notes

  1. For Ignis, a destruction warlock can easily shatter the adds with either a Chaos Bolt or Immolate/Conflagrate combo. As a primarily affliction lock, my shadowbolts average a little over 4k so use a class/spec with big nukes (ie aforementioned destro warlock, mage, boomkin, etc) to kill them.

    Also, I was recently in a run where we tried out an “easy” strategy for Ignis. The ranged dps hopped in one of the pools and the tank tanked him at the edge. Offtanks picked up adds and the ranged just burned Ignis down as fast as possible. We got to 50% on our last attempt of this but I think if your group overgeared the encounter enough this would be possible. Our tanks kept dieing because of a stacking buff Ignis gets from his adds.

  2. I -was- worried about being able to hit for 5k as Afflic.. but I think there’s a +crit bonus given by the brittle adds. I was easily hitting them for 6-7k with Shadow Bolts.

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