Hodir Strategy Notes

hodir – Turn on your in-game sound. He has two skills that you can time based on the audio “Winds of the North” and “AUGHGHGGHHH”.
– When he says “Winds of the north”. You look around and find the large runes. Move towards them but not on them until after the ice falls from the ceiling.
– After the Flash Freeze is done, free the NPCs (start with the gnome) and any raid members who got trapped in the Flash Freeze.
– When he says “AUGHGHGGHHH” healers/tanks prepare for his “Frozen Blows” where he smashes the tank into little bitty pieces. I’ve heard of groups taking a special “frost resist tank” who taunts Hodir and takes only the Frozen Blow.. I’ve also heard that because of their magical resistance DKs tank this smash beautifully. At the moment we’re depending on Pally OH SHIT! buttons and Priest Wings.
– Stand near Toasty Fire and you don’t have to move to remove the debuffs. Stand at max range so that if you get targeted for icicle they don’t put out the fire.
– Stand in the beams of light and get zappied by lightening for a nice dps boost.

MegaSmack has a nice article with setup for Auras for the buff from Hodir’s fight. If you’re using the Fan Update that allows you to choose specs, be sure to put checks in both spec1, spec2 at the bottom to get these to show up.

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  1. The Toasty Fire also allows you to apply the “Singed” debuff to Hodir, causing extra fire damage with each hit you make, and can really help get him down faster 🙂

    Also, Horde-side, the mage is not a Gnome but a Forsaken (I think). It helps to have someone look up their names (can be found on WoW Wiki) and mark them with raid targets so they can easily be found to unfreeze.

    I’ll have to check out the Auras set up… man I love that mod!
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  2. One thing that my group found that helps, and another that we’re trying to work in:

    #1: person with storm cloud gives it to 4 people around him. Much easier to give this to melee than have 4 ranged clump up.

    #2: Also, standing near fires, every spell cast or attack done gives him a ‘singed’ debuff that increases magic damage taken by 2%. And stacks, up to… I think it’s 100 times? But, it falls off fast, so we haven’t managed to get it up consistently.

  3. Every caster should stand next to a toasty fire and whatever they do their first responsibility is to stack the damage buff on Hodir to 25. In our last hardmode kill we had even the healers cast spells (not letting them tick, just cast again) to get the stack up as fast as possible.

    If you get sparklies (storm something) drop whatever you’re doing and go hug everybody around you quickly. But whatever you do, you should go hug the tank first (he will need the threat). Everybody you manage to hug has their crit chance increased and the crit strike damage too.

    The beam…we actually ignore it, and still get our hard modes. But this is 10, I can imagine on 25 the beam is needed.

    Use heroism after first flash freeze. That way you have the extra boost while the stack is already up to 25.
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  4. I’ve tanked Hodir on 10 as a paladin with a frost resist warrior tank backing me up, and I can tell you that it turns it from a luck-based fight into a predictable one. We don’t have a DK tank in the guild that I would trust with tanking it, but I’m sure a DK with frost resist gear would be the cat’s meow during the Frozen Blows portion. Having two tanks makes it so that we can position ourselves across the room from each other and for about 3 seconds at the beginning and end of the Frozen Blows period, he’s not hitting anyone as he has to run across the room to reach the appropriate tank. The downside is that we basically sacrifice one DPS to get a safer tanking experience; most of the time, it’s a good choice.

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