Impish by nature

Month: August 2009

I can has welfare epix

Good weekend. I found the Combustion Bracers on the AH for half their normal price. So I snapped those up and finally got the “EPIC” achievement. I ran one regular ToC and picked up the Abyssal Rune (lovely tasty caster trinket). Then I finally got […]

Mankirk’s Wife

BlogAzeroth Chat (details about joining are available on the BA Forums) often cracks me up: (9:15:54 AM) Faulsey: Mankriiiik! (9:16:00 AM) LadyJess: O.o (9:16:22 AM) Myze: It gets better after FL, and when you get good enough at driving to do FL + towers, it […]

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-08-30

Okay. Today we raid the Mouse. We Have a guildie group dressed in Gold&Black rugby jersies. Hard to miss, there is a herd of us. # CA adventure not as Adventurous as name suggests. Meh. # Must remember to pack/wear shorts/capris next time I am […]

Gem of a Deal

In Wintergrasp: 30 Stone Keeper Shards -> 2k honor 3 weekly quests in Wintergrasp -> ~10k honor 9 Wintergrasp tokens -> 10k honor In Stormwind at JC vendor: 10k honor -> 1 epic gem In Dalaran at Heroic badge vendor: 20 heroic badges -> 1 […]

Beige.. I think I’ll paint the ceiling beige

I remember the first time I noticed a warlock. I was wandering around in Ironforge as a level forty-something Draenei Paladin. While running from the auction house to the mailbox I saw something out of the corner of my eye. I stopped short and even […]

“Cataclysms” go BOOM

AKA WoW 4.0 coming sometime in 2010. So Deathwing (crazy corrupted dragon aspect of earth who’s be touched in a bad way by demons and Old Gods) busts out the ceiling of Deepholm (elemental plane of earth) and brings about the Cataclysm. I’m sure there’s […]

NibBlizzcon ’09

Pre-Blizzcon Monday: Social Networking Cards from arrived Tuesday ~2 PM: Fiancee who loves me immensely drove to Sacramento to pickup the TNB special print Tshirts. Nibuca T-shirt for me, 2 grey t-shirts for Fim and 4 shirts for give away. Originally we only ordered […]

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-08-23

Future life lesson: "We'll just look at cars" is the same as "We're buying a car today". Nib has achieved [2010 Kia Soul]. # I'm tickled by the irony of having a Warlock main and buying a new "Soul" for my car. I think we'll […]

Radio Silence

Hey all. In a few hours we’ll be heading off to Anaheim. I’m going to try and post to the blog but I don’t have an easy way to do it. I -will- be posting to @NibBlizzcon on Twitter. You can /follow me there or […]

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-08-16

RT: @medievalnurse Here is your health tip for the day: if you smoke crack, don’t act shocked when your heart tells you to go to hell. # Went fishing this morning. Really it was more “drowning bait” than “fishing”. Still, v pretty and somewhat fun. […]