The Cataclysm Bucket List

bucketlistCynwise posted her Cataclysm Bucket List. I think it’s a great idea. Cataclysm is coming and thing that are here now might not be here then. So I’m making a quasi-to-do list pre-Cataclysm List.

  1. Level a toon through old Azeroth. (progress: “Possibly”, the mage, is now level 23 and has completed Draenei starting areas and moved on to Ashenvale)
  2. Complete Loremaster of Eastern Kingdom on Lilac (progress: 339/700)
  3. Complete Loremaster of Kalmidor on Lilac (progress: 389/700)
  4. Complete Explore Eastern Kingdom on Lilac (progress: 10/25) Thankfully most of these will naturally come while completing Loremaster.
  5. Complete Explore Kalmidor on Lilac (progress 4/20) Ditto.
  6. Preserve pictures of old Azeroth (progress: “Possibly” shot pictures in Azuremyst, Bloodmyst and Ashenvale Link to my “Old Azeroth” photo set) I’ll be doing this on “Possibly” and Lilac as I complete the above achievements.
  7. Get “Little Game Hunter” (Progress: 68/75) Azure Whelpling, Disgusting Oozling.. etc.
  8. Get “Mountain of Mounts” (Progress: 54/100) Wintersaber is at the top of this list.

Other possible later additions:
Dungeons that will change
Raids that will change
Twink enchanting recipes?

What’s on your bucket list?

14 thoughts on “The Cataclysm Bucket List

  1. My list is Classic Raider. (only need C’Thun)

    Got Loremaster & Explorer already. I’d advise you to start sooner, rather than later – as it’s pretty hard to find some of the quests. A lot of them are the prequests to attunements, and I’d guess if entire zones are going to be changed, a lot of quests won’t be available when Cataclysm hits. I’d got at least half of the “classic” quests before WotLK came in, and it still took me about 3-4 weeks in between raids of running from one side of Azeroth to the other, and grinding 30-40 mobs for 3 chicken lips. Reminded me of what old-school questing used to be. Thankfully I had very little competition for the kills. Must have been a nightmare when everyone was racing for level 60!

    You’ll probably get the 3000 quests “seeker” title too if you’ve already done a lot of Northrend quests.
    .-= Everwrath of Silvermoon´s last blog ..Glory of the Achiever =-.

  2. I saw a similar list on a fan forum, and it got me thinking. For my main there is really only one thing I haven\’t really started towards that I would like to get – a Rusted Protodrake. I have the Red one from Glory of the Hero. I have the ability to do raid hardmodes (and have done a few in 10-mans), but my guild simply doesn\’t have the ability.

    The only other thing I would like to do is level a Horde to 60 (and maybe 80). I\’ve been playing since release. I have 5 characters at 70 or higher (including one Loremaster) – and they are all Alliance. So I think it\’s about time to get serious about the \”dirty half\” of Azeroth\’s population.

  3. I’ve been wanting the loremaster achievement, so that I could also get exalted with all the starting area zones. Despite how silly it will look, I really want my orc to be riding one of those Blood Elf chickens, um ostriches, um thingys. That and I think the Tauren Kodo looks pretty sweet.

    I’d love to get the pets, but really don’t have enough time for such. Might just have to wait until the expansion and get all the nifty new pets. Or.. start investing in the trading card games and get the little white pony?!

    Then there’s my rogue sitting at 29, but I am not too concerned. I bet with phased content, she won’t see the same world view as my lvl-80(+) lock.
    .-= Elkagorasa´s last blog ..Onyxia’s Lair + Destruction Lock = FAIL =-.

  4. @Everwrath
    I -want- to want the Loremaster.. but really if I have to do old-world quests I’m having way more fun on my lowbie who needs the experience. I’m not sure how I’ll get around this… maybe do Loremaster while my lowbie is accumulating rested XP.

    I have hordies in their 40s and 50s. I found the “other side” to be just as fun. Good luck getting the Drake. I may add “Red Protodrake” to my goal list as I have some chance to get that.

    Keep in mind, for the faction mounts you only need the reputation, not all the starter quests. Lilac has completed 4/5 of the factions through the Argent Tournament.

  5. yes, I have been working on the rep via the Argent Tourney dailies (Orc, troll and undead completed), but thinking that the level 1 undead or thunder bluff quests might whiz by at 80. Rep and an achievement in one nice, neat package. Ambassador title here I come!!
    .-= Elkagorasa´s last blog ..RU an over achiever too? =-.

  6. Elkagorasa wrote:
    “thinking that the level 1 undead or thunder bluff quests might whiz by at 80”

    You would think that.. and you’re probably right. The last time I made a somewhat serious move to do Loremaster I also took it as an opportunity to max out all my weapon skills. It turns out that level 1 quests done by a “melee warlock” take almost as long as they do “at level”.

  7. I did the Ambassador title grind in about three days at level 60. Having an epic mount definitely makes it go faster, but not as fast ad you might think. There are a LOT of quests in each starting zone.

    I’m glad you liked my list, Nibuca! I don’t know if I have the guts to go for Loremaster, but you’ve made me definitely consider it!
    .-= Cynwise´s last blog ..The Gear Grind =-.

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  9. I think it’s a great idea to start working on getting all your goals done before the next expansion changes everything. Do it now vs starting to do it later where it may be too late to ever get it done.

    I’ve been doing the same, though I never really wrote out a list. Will later though.
    .-= Ardent Defender´s last blog ..Working on my Goals =-.

  10. This is a great idea – I think I’m going to have to jot one down for my girls! 🙂

    (BTW, Hi from Syele!)

  11. Haha cool list. I’ve already done a bunch of those :). I’ve got one of my own.

    1. Get Loremaster
    2. Finish my meta achievement for ICC, even if it means paying for it. I want the Frost Wyrm mount! @ 30k gold now and 8/12 Heroic.
    3. Have 50k gold to go into Cata with.
    4. Try for the It’s Over 9000 Feat of Stregth. 6.5k now.
    5. Get that darn Tiger to drop from ZG, and Midnight from Kara. I have 100 mount achievement but these guys just look so awesome.
    6. Farm the rest of the whelpling pets. I have the Azure already, need 3 more I believe. Get extras to sell in Cata for gold.
    7. Stop being lazy and finish herbalism/mining on my alt, go from 400 BS to 450 on my main.
    8. Actually kill Halion haha.

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