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Video: Video Games and the Female Audience

Interesting video linked by Wynthea on Twitter:

Video Games and the Female Audience

5 thoughts on “Video: Video Games and the Female Audience”

  • It’s already been established that I’m not the most girly of girls.. so I guess it’s only right that I be one of those bucking the “no girls in gaming” trend. That said.. I have no interested in bloody/gore FPS (Prototype, Left4Dead, etc).

    I currently play Wow, Wii Fit (can you really say you “play” Wii Fit?) and Little Big Planet.

    I’m tempted by World of Goo.

  • A well thought out and entertaining piece. I’m one of those pretty much always been a gamer girls but I can certainly identify with being cheesed out by the exploitative imagery of women in some games and making my non-gaming female friends freak out a bit if I start ranting about ‘this total noob in a PUG Ulduar 10 last night’. Of course, that’s another issue worth considering I think – there is a whole specialised language around gaming and specific games that also acts as a barrier to non gamers – whether male or female.
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