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Month: October 2009

Home is where you set your Hearthstone

My hearth is set in Dalaran. The Legermain Inn to be precise. I found that the “alliance-side” inn was just too busy. A quick survey of my guildies shows that they hearth in Dalaran so they can be close to all of the Northrend instances […]


Well, it’s official, Paid Race Change is now live. At this point, the only immutable choice at the time of character creation is Class. Everything else can be changed/fiddled/fixed. Fundamentally I’m ok with that. I’m not planning to take advantage of the service. If I […]

Addon: CLSaver

CLSaver (short for Combat Log Saver) toggles your /combatlog on/off as you enter/leave raid instances. You could totally do it manually.. but if you’re like me.. you’d forget. CLSaver does it automatically. /combatlog save all of the entries in your Combat Log into a file […]

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-10-25

LOL Boomchicken named "Kayeffsea" # The -good- thing about Ony.. is the if you're in a fail raid.. at least you're not saved for the week. /sigh # Note also: pets can come in the bag from putting out the fires. # Please follow @geekgirldiva […]

In which the role of huntard will be played by Nib

Last night, after a sucessful ToC-10 guild run (where every boss dropped +hit cloth and I was the only DPS clothie in the raid)(poor me) and a sucky Ony-25 pug (we experienced failure to tank and wiped repeatedly), finally I logged onto my baby hunter […]

Fail pugs (Boston Terriers) make me sad

I’ve been pugging lately. Not much going on in-guild for 25s.. and well guild isn’t doing OS+3 Zerg.. so I’ve been looking elsewhere for satisfaction. Unfortunately lately I’ve been finding a lot of fail.

Onyxia.. which pet?

Onyxia is a fight of three parts. Part 1: on the ground, tank and spank. Stay out from the front (cleave/fire breathing) and behind (tail swipe) her.. and whale on her until she reaches some percent (honestly I don’t know what percent) at which point […]

Addon: LinkWrangler

Sometimes you just need to look at more tooltips than the default UI shows. LinkWrangler allows you to open multiple linked items all at the same time. When I’m cycling through my gear trying to figure out which two rings are best (out of the […]

Nib’s (somewhat) Efficient Alliance Bucket Path

Here you go, here’s the path I use as alliance to pick up all the candy buckets. Good for running or flying. Zone in to Ironforge. Ironforge, The Commons Dun Morogh, Kharanos Loch Modan, Thelsamar Hillsbrad Foothills, Southshore Hinterlands, Aerie Peak Eastern Plaguelands, Light’s Hope […]

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-10-18

We are having a virtual meetup for TNB listeners on the PTR tonight. It's the only way to do it w/ high lvl toons.(via @Warcraft ) #DailyWow # RT @mashable The Fun Theory: Volkswagen Masters the Viral Video # WTB ordered list of Best […]