Addon: CloseUp

Ok.. I’ve been posting about too many totally useful addons lately. Here’s one that’s frivioulous.

Closeup allows you to spin you character and zoom in/out in the changing room. It’s a vanity addon that lets you see what things look like close up. It also works in the character pane.. and on inspect.

Really.. it’s a tiny little vanity thing.

2 thoughts on “Addon: CloseUp

  1. When you load up your UI.. and it’s helpful and says “you have 95 addons” and you realize that 95 is actually a really large number.. then yeah.. you start to feel embarrassed about the frivolous ones.. not embarrassed enough to get rid of them.. I mean I -NEED- to be able to zoom tilt and pan my character when I’m looking at gear.. but still.. a smidge embarrassed.

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