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jackass-2_5On TwistedNether Blogcast we have this section of the podcast where we introduce any and all authors who have introduced themselves on Blog Azeroth. It’s something “new” we’re doing to help the community to find the new bloggers. Anyway.. this last week (in the show coming out today/tomorrow) we got an author introduction from the author of the site WowJackass. Now I was a little hesitant to discuss it.. since it’s not really a blog.. but what the heck.. resource sites are part of the WoW community too.

So anyway. Here’s the site description (in their own words):

Are you tired of all the jackasses in World of Warcraft? Whether it is in your raid group or in chat it seems there always a jackass lurking around waiting to say or do something stupid. Well, welcome to your place to rat these assholes out. The mission here is simple, create a list of each jackass on each server. How will this help solve anything you might ask? I am not certain it will but it’s worth a shot. Well with a new World of Warcraft blacklist of players is being created. If you see a jackass on this list that matches your server and there are thumbs up votes agreeing that the player is indeed a jackass then we strongly suggest you DO NOT invite that player and place him/her on your ignore list. If you do invite them make sure to let em know their on

I looked it up before the show and noted that there were no entries for my server (Khaz Modan). After the show when I was back in guild vent someone mentioned that they’d run an Ony-25 and afterwards someone who didn’t get the loot they wanted had run through the whelp cave and pulled all of the remaining whelps.. wiping the raid. I laughed.. and said they should report it on WoWJackass.

Then I thought about it for a while.. and wondered.. how effective -is- /trade chat. So in Trade I typed: LOL Cool new site for reporting Ninja’s in Wow

That’s it.

Today I wandered over to WowJackass to find 6 (approved) Jackasses on Khaz Modan.

Seriously.. a pally ninja’d the Warglaive? WTF?

5 thoughts on “WoW Jackass

  1. It’s probably too much to ask, but I really wish people who create web sites took the time to check some of their grammar. Sure, everybody makes mistakes, but if you’re sending out a site description (that’s equal to a company’s press release), make sure you don’t use “their” when you should have used “they’re”. And on your link to us page, the graphic shouldn’t say “your on the list.. /ignore”. (Hint: It’s “you’re”. And there are three periods that make an ellipsis; two periods are grammatically incorrect.

    Ok… sorry. Done with my rant. Nonetheless, good idea for a site.
    .-= Leiandra´s last blog ..Blink Fixed? =-.

  2. Leiandra thank you for the heads up… I feel like a jackass 😛
    We have made the corrections.

    – Sam

  3. Thanks for this link. I’m guessing it’ll prove helpful when you want to do PuGs a lot, like I do.
    .-= Kel´s last blog ..Staying up late =-.

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