That reminds me…

I knew I’d read about it before but I’d forgotten where.

That is, the Nameplate change. In 3.3 they’re making a couple of changes to the way Nameplates work.

Read this post from the official forums.. almost a year ago:

It’s a very very cool idea. I’m very pleased to see them taking this suggestion into account. I’m really looking forward to being able to try out this new way of healing.

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  1. Interesting. I have my lock, a level 29 rogue and a level 9 priest, so have never played a healing character in a raid situation.

    This comment wasn’t really a comment, but a well thought out research project presentation. (Bolding in a forum post?) Blindness due to moving your focal point… I could see why Blizzard thought twice (or maybe a few times considering the timeframe) but, hmmm… that may explain my current interface. I have my 3 rows of spells centered then my pet bar, topped off with me and my target bars, then my toon standing right above this all. Makes eye movement from the ground below my feet, to my health bar minimal.
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