Impish by nature

Month: October 2009


So.. yesterday I learned a new word. spheniscidae: noun comprising all existing penguins I actually had to look it up. 🙂 Go Go Blizz for Vocabulary building.

Pretty Trinket

Trinkets scare me. I mean they’re lovely bits of sparkle that have tasty buffs on them.. but for some reason, I have a very hard time telling if trinket A is better than trinket B. I blame the proc. For some reason the proc part […]

That reminds me…

I knew I’d read about it before but I’d forgotten where. That is, the Nameplate change. In 3.3 they’re making a couple of changes to the way Nameplates work. Read this post from the official forums.. almost a year ago: It’s a very very […]

WoW Jackass

On TwistedNether Blogcast we have this section of the podcast where we introduce any and all authors who have introduced themselves on Blog Azeroth. It’s something “new” we’re doing to help the community to find the new bloggers. Anyway.. this last week (in the show […]

Addon: CloseUp

Ok.. I’ve been posting about too many totally useful addons lately. Here’s one that’s frivioulous. Closeup allows you to spin you character and zoom in/out in the changing room. It’s a vanity addon that lets you see what things look like close up. It also […]

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-10-11

"It may feel wrong to help others do more DPS, but remember, you're just using them to get what you want." @DMZduffry # LOL guild name: Resilience is Futile. # I feel like a failure as a foodie.. but I have to admit.. I […]

Five Things: Scribbles of ideas

These things are cool.. but not really enough (yet) to string out into a full post.. so I’ll babble about them and see what comes. Thing 1:Nameplates On the 3.3 PTR they’re making nameplates visible from further away.. and not jump around.. and pay attention […]

The Cleaning Power of Ruts

I think I’m in a rut. It’s not a bad rut.. but it’s kind of a rut. My evenings are as follows: – Log into Pally and use Alchemy to make an epic gem (currently making dreadstones). Send stone to banker toon. – Log into […]

Affliction, the imaginary spec

The scene: Onyxia 25 PUG. I’m one of 4 warlocks in the run. A quick inspect of the others show that they’re all cookie-cutter destruction. Out of the blue, during the standard PUG discussion** where every shaman demands 4 different pally buffs and someone randomly […]

Addon: TBag – Shefki

.photoImgDiv img { padding: 0px; } I think TBag is one of the very first addons I ever installed. It’s been part of my UI since March 2007 (about a month after I started playing WoW). TBags is an indispensable inventory addon. It works right […]