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Month: November 2009

Druids are weird

That’s all I’m saying.

Addon: Multishot (Screenshot)

No, this isn’t a hunter addon.. though I suppose hunters could use it :). Multishot is a tiny little addon that automatically takes screenshots for you when certain events happen. You can open the config by hitting ESC and choosing Interface, then the Addon tab. […]

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-11-29

Green Proto-drake! Woot! # Guildie responded: "The Oracle's souls are caverns of lies. I'm not buying more eggs, fuck'm" when asked if he had green protodrake. # Support @azerothUnited HHV Charity Raffle. Donate $10 to support a great cause AND win fabulous prizes # […]

Turkey Time

On second attempt (on a different toon, at a different time) the “Turkinator” achievement isn’t as easy as it was the first time. The first time I did the achievement on Lilac at about 1am PST. So there wasn’t -any- competition. With subsequent attempts on […]

Turkinator Lilac

Go to Elwynn. Make a macro: /target Wild Turkey /cast corruption Put this on a keybound button. Mount up, run along the edges of the water ways (avoid the murlocks.. as a guildie mentioned.. obviously murlocs eat turkeys because no turkeys spawned near the murloc […]

Addon: Recount

Recount is a DPS meter. I’m sure there are others around.. but Recount seems to be the #1 choice. When you install recount it will begin watching as you fight and record how much healing/damage/cleansing you/your party/your raid does. By default on my Warlock when […]

Super Green!

It only goes 280. I am exalted with.. and yet hate the Oracles. My banker has 4 [tickbird hatchlings]. I couldn’t be happier (well .. unless they made it 310.. and made my tickbirds sell for more than 2g).

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-11-22

Acquired sushi: Weekend can now commence. # We're just about to start TNB talking with @The_T. Why aren't you there? # Great time (as usual) on TNB. I still think @the_t is adorable. Listen when the podcast is published and you be the judge. […]

Pugnacious Pally

I’ve decided to play and gear up my Paladin a bit. Don’t be alarmed.. my first love is all things Warlockery.. but sometimes the group just needs a healer.. and I feel bad having one.. but not having her properly geared. Wednesday night I shuffled […]

Rawr! I’m a tank!

At the moment (patch 3.2.2) Deep Destruction is the acknowledged “best” Warlock DPS spec. I know this, you know this, we all get it. I’ve got it as my off-spec but haven’t seen the uber numbers with it so I continue to play as Affliction**. […]