Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-11-15

  • Sad to report I found another reason to use RL Ninja'd tailoring patterns from PUG. #
  • RT @AzerothUnited Hearts, Hands and Voices Kickoff Podcast! #
  • Hmm Green Hills of Strangle bag sell for 20-50s on Ally AH.. and 1.5-2g on Goblin AH. Wonder if it'd be worthwhile to "flip" them. #
  • Goblin to baby mage: Heya, go kill me some water elementals who are totally immune to frost spells. (cackle) Baby Mage: Go get stuffed! #
  • /grumble all of baby mage's quests are orange/red. Not sure where to go. LVL 36 #iblamesyrana #
  • I wanted to goto a movie.. but everything out right now sucks. WTB non-sucky entertainment PST. #
  • RT: @brigwyn Congrats @Cadistra! Whoot!! Welcome aboard!! (For info, Go read this now!!) #wow #warcraft #webcomic #
  • Not WoW.. but Steampunk… Interesting #steampunk #retail #
  • Support Child's Play, Donate.. seriously.. give $10 it's not that much & it really does help Then, yes, get a #twibbon #
  • Alton Brown is Made of Win! #
  • Support Child's Play (v.2), add a #twibbon to your avatar now! – #
  • "… is ruining the game" (vial Palehoof on official forums) #warcraft #
  • "How to BG" Not-so-common common sense from the official forums #
  • Hmmm game seems to have borked my push-to-talk in vent. Wonder what that's about. When game is focus window I can't push-to-talk (insert). #
  • Game also isn't acknowledging additional keys on my fancy schmancy mouse. #
  • Ok, game restart fixed it. That was weird. #warcraft #yeahPatches(fume) #
  • Youtube commenting system officially useless. I can't reply to comments on my videos..even by cut/pasting previous comments #FAIL #
  • "Use da force.. fool!" #disturbing #starwars #yoda #MrT #
  • New MC post: "How to Gem via Flowchart: Affliction Warlock Edition" #
  • Interesting.. Avatar.. THE GAME #
  • RT: @TheMightyGresh Did anybody else notice that T10 Shaman Preview Blizz put out is on a Human? Prolly nothing, but thought it was amusing. #
  • "Chicks with Guns" I LOLd #
  • Wait..who? Where's he located? I thought the Vault was full! RT @WOWBlue: Toravon the Ice Watcher available for Testing #
  • Woot! @stompalina officially ROCKS! She contact # Boubouille of #MMO-Champion and knocked it out of the park. #
  • I have "I smile when I gank" stuck in my head. I Blame @gnomewise (and #iblamesyrana) #
  • If you use I -highly- recommend PBTweet bookmarklet. Threaded tweets, RT, DM, AUTOMATIC UPDATING TIMELINE. #
  • /Dies from cute. BBBB's Race for the Cure is Saturday. You should go. It's a great cause and the prizes are awesome! #
  • Email:"You've won $1M in random drawing of email address".. but the email was sent to a BCC list.. Uh-huh. I'm totally that gullible. #
  • Anyone know: does MMO-Champions have a twitter account? Who should I be following? #
  • Hrm.. totally had a moment and wanted to "reply-to-all" on a Twitter. I think I'm using it wrong. Or "reply-to-list" needs to be a feature #
  • WowInsider asked: "What class is your goblin going to be" I reply: "Banker, duh!" (@wowInsider) #
  • Want:T-shirt cartoon of my gnome flipping off all gnome haters. Then again, hard to give middle finger with only have 4 fingers (@kathunter) #
  • RT @Jezriyah: Picture That Needs To Exist: Blind drunk Thrall and Jaina getting hitched by Elvis. (@cadistra) #
  • Had a serious twitch when I realized I had no "send" button to hit on Google Wave. Without hitting "send" the communication feels unfinished #
  • It's NOT official (read the blue) RT @WOWBlue: VIVA LAS VEGAS! Blizzcon headed to sin city! #
  • So.. IF Blizzcon is end of July..& Blizz said "Goblin Rogues by Blizzcon"..& 3.3 looking like early Dec.. when will the world event start? #
  • Gleefully singing "it's the end of the world as we know it… " #
  • Patch 3.3 includes changes for V-day holiday. Implies 3.3 before V-day.. but no other patches until after V-day. Safe bet there. #
  • Hey, @wowhead, do you have a Wowhead itemlink Google Wave gadget yet? #
  • When did Trending topics get and explaination? Was that before or after Twitter Borked? #
  • Faction Champions makes me want to cry and kick puppies. #

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