Rawr! I’m a tank!

lilac_as_tankAt the moment (patch 3.2.2) Deep Destruction is the acknowledged “best” Warlock DPS spec. I know this, you know this, we all get it. I’ve got it as my off-spec but haven’t seen the uber numbers with it so I continue to play as Affliction**.

A few days ago I wandered over to EJ with the intention of double checking my off-spec rotation and point allocation. While wandering the forum I found this lovely thread theorycrafting the “best spec” for patch 3.3. I was thrilled to find that deep affliction with felpuppy (my favorite setup) is currently mathified to be the “best” spec with Deep Destruction very very close behind (close enough that the difference is negligible and you could justify playing either). So my plan is to continue to play Affliction (and more often than not beat equally geared Destruction Warlocks) and ride the “favored spec” wave when it comes in 3.3.

Despite some guild problems, the group I raid with is still making some raiding progress. Last week we cleared Ulduar upto and including Thorim and Hodir. We intend to go back and try Mimiron and Freya hopefully this week.

A while back I read this very interesting article by Hydra about ‘lock tanking Mimiron. With that in mind I’ve adopted Hydra’s suggested tanking spec for my new off-spec. It’s not terribly far off of what I was using.. but I hope to be able to put it to good use both in Mimiron and in Faction Champions (higher health/survivability).

I’m happy to report that with the new spec and proper gear (hit capped, high stamina) I’m at a smidge over 24k health. Hopefully that will be enough.

**Secret confession: When I respec’d to Hy’s Tanking spec I also talked to the trainer.. you know.. just to make sure.. the trainer had ~4 higher levels of Chaos Bolt for me to learn.. so it’s slightly possible that I’ve seen gimped Destruction numbers because I was using a gimped Chaos Bolt. Yeah.. I did in fact /facepalm IRL. *sigh*

3 thoughts on “Rawr! I’m a tank!

  1. If you’re tanking Mim’s head, don’t forget to switch from Fel armor to Demonic armor for phase 3 & 4. Spam a bit of searing pain to get 150k threat lead (a bit of attention), then let all hell break loose until anyone gets close to your threat. Technically, this shouldn’t happen as the rest of the DPS should all be on adds until you have enough magnets to ground it and leather it.

    Must admit, freya is easier than mimiron if everyone knows the fight. Much less to go wrong 🙂
    .-= Everwrath of Silvermoon´s last blog .. =-.

  2. As much as I love affliction and developed my character around the idea of him being a noble, well intentioned face melter, I switched to deep destruction shortly after the release of Ulduar to help my guild make progress. While the theoretical numbers for deep affliction and deep destruction may have been close then, the former doesn’t scale as well with gear (thankfully getting changed with 3.3 with the new corruption glyph). Moreover, Blizzard’s encounter designers have created fights that favor burst single target and AoE damage over the sort of long singe-target fights that Affliction can be so dominant in. That would be a fine trade off and interesting choice for players if burst wasn’t so key to some fights (Emalon with 3.1 release; Twins’ Twins Pact; various “stun” or increased damage phases lasting 15-30 seconds). In any case I’m looking forward to bringing out the fel puppy again; think I’ll start with Anub in ToC25 tomorrow night in fact.
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