Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-11-22

  • Acquired sushi: Weekend can now commence. #
  • We're just about to start TNB talking with @The_T. Why aren't you there? #
  • Great time (as usual) on TNB. I still think @the_t is adorable. Listen when the podcast is published and you be the judge. #
  • #OldWoWMan I remember storing soulshards in my bank and when 100 was considered "barely enough". #
  • RT @Jagoex: The flags at the Argent Tournament are flapping in the wrong direction. They should point away from the ocean, not towards it. #
  • – This is what joy looks like to a home owner. Yes, pots hanging up instead of stacked. WIN #
  • Oh Sneaky! Are you /following a chronic retweeter? Like their tweets, hate their RT? Goto their twitter home page..& unfollow their RT. #
  • /worksigh listening to departmental all-hands.. and terribly annoyed that the presenting big-wig keeps saying "um-um".. very distracting. #
  • For the love of all that is holy!! DO NOT start uninitiated sound when I visit your site. It's so annoying I may NEVER go back to your page! #
  • Interesting. Blue says "Warlock threat is fine" & then new 3.3 patch notes say "..talent now reduces threat by 10%/20%, up from 5%/10%" ORLY #
  • /boggle Goto Google, enter "What are" boggle at results. (via @outdps) #
  • Support @azerothUnited HHV Charity Auction. Donate $10 to support a great cause AND win fabulous prizes #
  • New post on MC: "Through a keyhole darkly" "I'm bored, but not -that- bored" #
  • Pure genius: Prot Pally gets naked & then re-dresses before FC.. healers keep pally at 1/2 health then FC sticks to him like glue #
  • Pure genius: Healers keep Prot Pally at 1/2 health then FC sticks to him like glue OMG! #
  • WTB Best pre-raid gear for raiding as Holy Paladin. Where should I spend gold or emblems? I don't wanna have to figure it out on my own. #
  • So very very wrong.. BaconJew "Bacon-wrapped Matzoh Balls" #
  • Chrome OS.. I'm still concerned bout privacy.. What keeps my netdocs safe from bad guys? how about from Google (assuming we're competitors)? #
  • /sigh.. my mother just called to remind me of my Father's birthday.. which was YESTERDAY.. I'm a bad daughter. #
  • Defense appropriations bill, 136 pgs. Patriot Act, 132 pgs but single-spaced, call it 264 pgs double-spaced. Healthcare: 2,074 pg beast. #
  • What's the highest leveled toon you've ever deleted? and did you regret it? (mine: 27 human female rogue "Tikataka" .. not really) #
  • Whoa.. I feel like @warcraft and #dailyWow 🙂 Nice array of responses. Ppl delete more toons than I expected. #
  • Hmmm.. the WoW login tips.. are like automatic twitter messages from @warcraft.. everyday. #
  • LOL.. I'm always sad when I get raid achievements on my alt that I don't have on my main [Salt and Pepper (10 player)] (3 min Val'kyr kill) #
  • Uld-25 on Pally. FL, Razorscale, XT & Ignis down. After raid I notice I'm wearing "FL clothes", highest ilvl. Mix of tank/heal /facepalm #
  • Faction Champs was much easier as a Pally (instead of a 'lock). Cleanse Cleanse Cleanse Cleanse Cleanse Cleanse Cleanse #
  • Google Voice cracks me up on TNB #iblamesyrana #

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