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calendarSo.. in the middle of writing this post I clicked over to the WoW Armory to get a screenshot of their calendar.. and noticed that it looked totally different. In fact it looks like they accidentally released an upgrade to the Armory before they were actually ready. A new upgrade to the Armory is supposedly coming in Jan 2010 and includes a SUPER cool feature that totally invalidates this whole post.. that is:
(from WowHead)
Player Calendar Feeds: Another new Armory tool allows you to export in-game player calendar data to calendar applications such as Outlook, or to online calendars such as Google Calendar. The tool can aggregate up to five characters on your account in a single feed, and is automatically synched with the characters’ in-game player calendars. Refer to the Calendar Feed FAQ for more details.
You know what.. I don’t care, I’m going to post my “hack around the missing feature” even though they just announced the addition of the new (very cool very exciting) feature.

One of the things I wanted to add to the Guild site was an events calendar so members can see/sign up for runs while they’re away from the game. Blizz has generously started showing the in-game calendar on the WowArmory.

Unfortunately they haven’t seen fit to make their calendars available via RSS (or iCal) and although I did find a service to do it, that service require me to enter in my account name and password on a site on a .ch domain. WARNING WARNING WARNING The security weasel deep down inside me about had a conniption fit when I considered it.

Finally I decide I’d just add a link from the guild site to the Blizz calendar. The problem I ran into is that the URL is character specific. -I- need to log into -my- character to see -my- calendar. I searched around for a while and couldn’t find a URL that would prompt me for my login information.. so finally I remembered that I’m a fancy schmancy software engineer so I wrote it myself.


<script type="text/javascript">
function get_game_calendar()
   var name=prompt("Please enter your charcter name","");
   if (name!=null && name!="")
      + name + "&gn=Caffeine");

<a href="javascript:get_game_calendar();">Your WoW Armory Calendar</a>

This puts a link on the screen with the text “Your WoW Armory Calendar”. Unfortunately WordPress posts fiddle with Javascript code when it’s in a post so this won’t work on this page. If I posted it in a Widget in the Sidebar it would work or you -can- try it out over on the new Caffeine site.

When you click on the link you’re prompted to enter your toon name. If your toon is on my server, in my guild.. then you should be prompted for your password (on the WoW Armory site). Once you enter that you should see your toon’s calendar.

If you’re going to use the above you can either add prompts for the server/guild name.. or just update those values in the script.

Note also: this will only work if the Armory is up. Good Coding!

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