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Felhunter notes

FelHunterI did some quick and dirty tests with my felhunter and wanted to note them down.

Shadow Bite
Improved Felhunter

Fully talented my Felhunter should Shadow Bite every 2 seconds. The damage of that is increased by the number of shadow dots you have on the target. Shadow bite costs 3% of his base mana but if it hits (which is should if the warlock and therefore pet is hit capped) it regens 8% of his max mana. So it looks like he should have excess mana.. just in case you wanted to spec into Dark Pact.

On a dummy I was seeing the following:
~500 dps from the felhunter on a dummy.
About 50% of the felhunter’s dps was from melee attacks.
About 50% of the felhunter’s dps was from Shadow bite.
Haunt is not a dot. The felhunter’s shadow bite was buffed by Corruption, CoA and Unstable Affliction.

Idle thoughts:
– I believe our pets share pally buffs with us. I believe Blessing of Might would be a DPS increase to the felhunter. So if we have multiple pallies in the raid it’s worthwhile to get Blessing of Might.

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