My pet’s better than your pet

Open Question #3: – I -think- Felpuppy is the best pet.. but is he better than Doomguard? Should I use Doug when not on cooldown or stick with Fzygwhateverhisnameis? Is it worthwhile to throw down Infernal for last 30% of the fight60 seconds of the fight and replace the felpuppy.. or should I only summon infernal if the felpuppy dies?

Simulation 1: 56/00/15 with Felhunter
7984 dps

Simulation 2: 56/00/15 with Doomguard
8058 dps

Simulation 3: 54/00/17 with Succubus
7658 dps

Simulation 4: 56/00/15 with Infernal**
8471 dps
**I couldn’t figure out how to tell SimulationCraft to only summon Infernal for the last 60 seconds of the fight so this figure is what you’d get if you could have the Infernal for the whole fight.

From this I infer that as Affliction, if it’s not on cooldown I should summon the Doomguard. If doomguard is on cooldown then I should summon Felhunter. Then, for the last 60 seconds of the fight (or if my pet dies) I should call down an Infernal to replace my current pet.

Succubus is hereby out of favor.

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2 thoughts on “My pet’s better than your pet

  1. One concern about using the Doomguard over the Felhunter is the passive intellect/spirit buff that the Felhunter provides. At some point, the Fel Intelligence’s +48 to intellect and +64 to spirit will outweigh the personal dps gains you might glean from using the Doomguard.

  2. So is the sim assuming that the infernal will get buffs? Because as we know it probably won’t being that it’s cast at the end of a fight.

    Also using a Doomguard raises some questions for Dark Pact specs — since the Doomguard doesn’t regain mana like the fel puppy.

    Really awesome post though, thank you!

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