Impish by nature

Month: December 2009

Globally Recognized Avatar

Metablogging topic today. Very quick. If you post a comment here (and on most WordPress blogs) your comment will have a picture next to it. That picture is pulled from the site You can setup different avatars for each email you use. If you […]

Pugging with gritted teeth

The good part about being in a very annoying PUG that faceplants repeatedly on Faction Champions is that I got a lot of time to work on/think about how to handle the fight and more specifically the tree druid. The pug itself was uber annoying.. […]

Gifts for Gamers

It’s that time of year: Christmas/Hanuka/Quanza/Non-Denominational Giving!! So here’s a very short list of ideas for your WoW gamer.

How I became GM of an unnamed guild.

My guild that I’ve been in since the day that I joined WoW went BOOM about 3 weeks ago. It happened for many reasons.. let’s leave it at the fact that it happened. The outcome is that <West Kingdom> is now styled as a “Social […]