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Elitist Group is an addon that reviews your pug members and give you a couple of different standards to judge your group mates. It also allows you to make notes about each group member after a run. I’m not sure if it does the same thing for 10-/25-man raids.

Here’s a screenshot from a recent pug. As I joined the instance this flashed up on the screen:

This is a pug headed into Halls of Stone.

For each member of the party it showed me if I had any notes made about them (which of course I didn’t since it was the first time I’d used the addon), their current spec(I believe the druid in the bottom right-hand corner was in the process of changing specs when the addon looked at him. When I examined him later he had all his talent points spent), whether or not I “trusted” them (which I did currently since I’d never grouped with any of them and none of them had any ratings) their equipment level (I think it’s based on average iLvl), their enchants (or lack thereof) and their gems (or lack thereof). The equipment, gems and enchantments are “judged” as to their appropriateness for their current spec. So a Warrior using +spellpower plate would show a red X in the Equipment slot (in this case I believe our warrior was rocking a bunch of PVP armor).

When I finished the run through Halls of Stone it showed me this screen for rating my group mates:

This allows me to rate the members of the pug and to add any relevant comments.

Outside the instance you can look back at anyone the addon has seen in the past (including yourself) or you can examine players around you (/eg playername). This will show your a more detailed breakdown of that toon’s gear/gems/enchants/experience.

Here’s a character view of my Paladin. It turns out the addon doesnt’ like the enchantment on my boots hence the red X. That said, it’s a legitimate feet enchant (feet enchants suck). This also shows that that Tatia, my pally, hasn’t been through many raids. True since she’s my alt and only occasionally gets to play.

Lastly, here’s a shot of the “settings” page. I’ve turned off communication atm. I may turn it back on in the future.. but right now I’m not interested in sharing my notes/ratings.

Overall this does about 80% of what I want. The only things I’d like to see is whether the player is defense capped (for tanks), hit capped(for ranged/melee dps), expertise capped(for melee dps). Initially it still doesn’t tell me if they “know how to play”.. but it does at least tells me if they have a clue about how to properly gear.

Initially I saw Grimtorn post about this on Twitter and I checked it out and I’m very very happy with it. Thanks Grimtorn!

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  1. You’re welcome!

    And I’d say toss suggestions to the addon author – he seems like he’d be receptive to those kind of suggestions.

    As an aside…looking at random people in Dalaran was pretty scary. Like the DK in spellpower/tank/dps gear …all unenchanted/ungemmed.
    .-= Grimtorn´s last blog ..Gearing to Raid: DPS =-.

  2. How much memory does it use? I saw Grim’s Twitter too but worried about the resources it used.

    You were talking about Gearscore being spammy. I am trying Gearscore Lite which doesn’t record. It seems to be a necessary evil for my Hunter.
    .-= hydra´s last blog ..One Liners =-.

  3. Some of the features I don’t think I’m a big fan of but the notes section is extremely appealing. Trying to jot down anything at all about the people you group with when you run more than a handful a day is nearly impossible for me.
    .-= Shayzani´s last blog ..A look back =-.

  4. Alright, I’ll follow up on that comment on Twitter here on the blog where I have more than 140 characters.

    I don’t feel I need to “propose an alternative” because it doesn’t really come down to that. The fact of the matter is, WoW players who like this addon play the game completely different than me and my friends do. Proposing an alternative means changing the way they play and view the game – and that’s not going to happen.

    This addon and the entire fascination with GearScore, completely hammers into the ground that WoW is not skill-based. Your achievements, games, and gear and being monitored by people you group with, because the intended result is that if you’re not good enough, you’re out of the group. They get to analyze what I’m wearing before they even group with me. And then they can vote me out of the group based on my gear. That’s asshattery to the max.

    I am a damn good healer. I always heal much more difficult instances than my gear should allow, and people are usually impressed that I am able to keep groups up through situations that technically my gear wouldn’t allow most players to do. I do feel that there is skill involved in playing WoW when you’re undergeared, and I enjoy that challenge. I can’t tell you how many times I”ve been in a group and ripped apart for my gear without even continuing to see if I can heal the group adequately.

    This addon is just another excuse for elitist gamers to completely equate skill with gear, and evaluate what I’m wearing. Propose an alternative? Just group with people like the majority of us do. Quit worry about my gear, just sit back, make a friend, run through a dungeon, and play the goddamn game without obsessing over numbers. It’s surprisingly a whole lot more fun that way. And – it’s as the developers intended. The new Dungeon Finder has gear requirements for dungeons anyway, just follow those.

    Addons like this make for poor experiences for people who are trying to gear up, or people who can’t play as much. I’m all for addons that let you make notes about people- but would rather completely do away with the “here is what Gems this person is wearing, here is their equipment” part of this addon. Many would agree with me, but they’re probably not reading your blog.

  5. hrm. appears that cuppy is pointing out the obvious:

    1) you like this addon.

    2) you think wow is skill-based.

    pick one.


  6. Gearscore determines the maximum amount of damage/heals/tanking you can do. Skill/latency/attention determines the minimum.

    It’s not an either/or selection.

    A person all in greens may perform above the level of a “normal” person in greens.. but they would perform better in blues/purples. In fact even the “normal” person will perform better in blues/purples.

    Despite suggestions to the contrary, you can’t vote-to-kick someone from random Dungeon until the 15 minute debuff is up and by that time they may have already proven that they perform beyond their gear. So the “booted because of gear” is a specious argument at least in the Random Dungeon.

    I like having the “heads up”. “Heads up the healer is a little undergeared” is nice to know so the tank doesn’t willy-nilly pull 3 packs of mobs. Yes, we would learn that this wasn’t feasible after the first wipe… but the early heads up allows for the opportunity to guess that without the wiping.

    If I’m filling the last spot in a raid.. and no-one has a “friend” on..and I’m just browsing the /lfr list of people.. then it’s nice to have an indicator that the pugger I’m bringing in should perform at the level needed for the raid.

    I did not say that you should blindly follow the gear score. But it’s reassuring to the Raid Leader since we can’t numerically assess skill/latency/attention.

  7. It’s always interesting to see peoples reactions to addons like these, here’s some info:

    It can’t show things like hit cap or defense cap because that’s a horrible, horrible pain to track and adds a ton of complexity/inefficiency that I don’t want to see going into the addon.

    Cuppycake: Your post reads more like a knee jerk reaction, rather than someone who has actually tried it. It’s not Gearscore, it’s not going to be “X score or gtfo.” You could be wearing a full suit of blue gear with green gems and level 60 enchants, as long as they are correct (spell power/spirit/mp5 rather than agility/strength/etc), it will say your gear is fine.

    There are only two scenarios that you would be flagged falsely: you are doing a dungeon and a caster dps piece is better than your healer item even with spell power, the other is you are wearing blues and everything is going to be replaced in a hour anyway so you don’t want to enchant it.

    The first case is rather rare and really just applies to casters, the second case is an interesting issue that I’ve been thinking about. There isn’t an easy way to solve it beyond maybe flagging blues as being allowed to not have enchants.

    When you get down to it, Elitist Group tells you nothing that inspection won’t. And it does not (and will not) boil down to a single arbitrary number such as Gearscore does.

  8. so then what you’re saying is that $50 to a gold farmer “indicates” i can perform better than cuppy and deserve the last spot?

    doesn’t strike me as very reliable. just sayin’.


  9. @Shadowed –

    It WAS a knee-jerk reaction. My first reaction was just to say “I hate this kind of stuff”, but Nibuca wanted me to not only tell why I don’t like it but also propose a solution. Apparently the thought is that I don’t have a right to an opinion on the way this gear-oriented trend in WoW is headed.

    Feel free to use the addon, I was just commenting on my personal twitter that I don’t like this kind of addon. It’s not for me, it’s not for my playstyle. I didn’t intend to comment here, but my tweet left a pingback on this post. Damn technology.

  10. AND, as Shadowed pointed out, this -isn’t- a gearscore addon.

    A true anecdote:
    We jumped into Random Dungeon Finder and got assigned to Utgarde Keep. Some random warrior was assigned to tank. The first pull was a MESS, mobs everywhere nothing being controlled. The group wiped. A /inspect of the “tank” showed that he was wearing a smattering of tanking/dpsing/healing plate and had all 71 points into the Protection tree.

    I accept that it’s his right to play the game however he wants too.. but his right ends as soon as it infringes on my right to have fun. Serial wiping in what should be the easiest of the Heroic dungeons is NOT my idea of fun.

    FYI: we had another person change to tank and had the warrior change to dps.

  11. @cuppycake
    Unfortunately Gearscore, Elitist Groups and a handful of other addons fill a void. Since we don’t have a way to assess “skill” we use what we have. As I said in my first twitter reply.. it’s your opinion.. and you can hate whatever you want to.. but unless there’s an alternative this is going to keep being used. The most constructive type of feedback to “hating” this type of addon is to propose a usable alternative.

    At first glance Elitist Group seems to possibly be a viable alternative to the one-dimensional gear focused view of GearScore. I’d be happy to hear about others.. but at this time I don’t know of any others.

    If I’m filling a raid then first we ask if anyone has a guildie or “friend” they’d suggest. I put much more weight in that as far as choosing someone to fill the raid. If there isn’t anyone available then sadly, yes, in progression content given a blind choice between two toons, I’m going to choose the better geared. I may regret the choice later when it turns out the “better geared” person performed poorly.. but as a raid leader it’s my responsibility to build a raid that I think will be able to complete the content. As such, it’s my responsibility to choose the pugger who looks to have the best chance of helping us to succeed at that.

  12. Cuppycake: It’s not about feeling free, I’m the author I’m just responding to why you dislike it :p I don’t expect everyone to want to use it, just pointing out that your argument isn’t exactly accurate.

  13. No his opinion is perfectly fine/accurate, not everyone wants gear used as a metric for measuring people as it doesn’t account for skill (which is why skill is never mentioned in the description). Just the argument for a player who just hit 80 isn’t accurate.

  14. This is an interesting addon I may look at getting.

    That said, I have never and will never kick someone based solely on a low gearscore since there seems to be the perception that someone using this particular addon will want to do just that.

    I rather like to know what’s going on around me. This is just a simplified way of doing what I ALREADY do when I hop into a random – examine the gear, gems, enchants, etc of the group whilst buffs are going out. I prefer to know that the DK is stacking spellpower gems and might be low on dps. I prefer to know that my tank is well geared and should [key word should] be easy to heal, or that my healer is in mostly blues, so I need to keep an extra eye on their mana pool while tanking 🙂

    Thank you very much for the recommendation!!!
    .-= Askevar´s last blog ..ICC:10 =-.

  15. I find it curious how loudly some people are against this addon. It’s not Gearscore, which is a truly BAD addon. In fact, Shadowed goes out of his way to explicitly state that it is everything Gearscore is not. My guild was hellbent on using gearscore prior to this point (despite my protests), but I’ve got at least leadership looking at EG, and that’s a step in the right direction. Arbitrary numbers (such as gearscore) don’t tell you that as a DK, I’m wearing a pretty dress and a full suit of epic spell power gear. EG does…though it might not tell you about the dress.

    Personally, I want to know when I’m in a dungeon with people what I can expect. I want to know if people know how to play their classes (and yes, looking at your gems, spec, and enchants will help me determine that)…I want to know if I can expect a quick run or a long run. I have no issues carrying a group (lord knows I’ve done it enough since LFG has come out) but it’s nice to know going in that I’m going to have to. And as Askevar and others have stated – they may surpass my expectations. Regardless, it’s not going to affect how I perform in a dungeon – it’s just additional useful knowledge.
    .-= Grimtorn´s last blog ..Gearing to Raid: DPS =-.

  16. Shadowed, I think 90% of the problem you’re running into is the name of the addon. I’ll be frank: if the first thing people know about you is that you actively consider yourself an “elitist”, the majority of them are going to be actively predisposed against you. It’s just the way things work. Especially in the context of WOW, people see “elitist” and read “smug douchebag”, even if it’s not actually true of the person in question.

    If you rename your addon to something like “GroupAnalysis” (that’s just off the top of my head), I suspect that you’ll get vastly more positive reactions. Just don’t call it anything involving ratings, scores, or elitism, because those actively invoke kneejerk antagonism.

    .-= Chris Anthony | Duct Tape and a Prayer´s last blog ..Poll on the new Cataclysm races =-.

  17. The name is mostly ironic, but it’s not going to be renamed :p. It’s not an addon that everyone is going to like, so I’m not going to try and satisfy everyone, especially not the people who already dislike the concept.

  18. So why not use it to solve what you don;t like about it. I think it gives you a heads up on where someone is lacking. It also gives you the chance to date the run and where they are lacking. That way if you should run into the person in a month and they are still lacking, in every way, you can act on it. Other wise you can see that the person has grown. It also allows you to note if they are an Asshat..

  19. Thanks for pointing out this interesting addon. I myself also never really saw how GearScore could be useful beyond epeen stroking, since it can be fooled so easily by wearing some weird combination of gear with the express purpose of fooling the addon… This, though, seems to simply make it easier to see at a glance upcoming problems (I am a healer and mostly just want to know how much healing the tank will probably require, before we wipe since I was too slow to start healing, being used to running Heroics with our guild’s MT bear)…
    .-= Lisandra´s last blog ..That time of the year again =-.

  20. Even without these tools, people who want to be jerks will be jerks. Even if these mods never existed, the Armory does, and they’d be looking at your achievements and gear. They’ll use these mods, too, but they’re hardly the only people who do.

    Non-jerks use them to eyeball people quickly. I’ve never kicked someone for being “undergeared” (especially since Beli and I did all of these dungeons in quest and dungeon blues last winter), but like Nibuca said, being able to see that, hey, that tank really doesn’t want me to go full-burn on the targets without at least one Misdirect or that they might be new to heroics entirely, is helpful information for everyone. I keep it to myself and don’t harangue anyone in my groups — although there have been a few obnoxious DKs that I’ve been tempted to say something to about their PvP gear and attitude problems — but I like having the data GearScore gives me. This mod seems like a good replacement/adjunct.
    .-= Ringo Flinthammer´s last blog ..We’re not retreating; we’re advancing in a different direction. =-.

  21. As a tank and a part time raid leader, I like to know about who I’m running with. Not in a “your gear score is 15 points too low, booted from group” kinda way, but just as a heads up for me and if I’m going to have to alter strategy to make the run smoother.

    Normally I’d be inspecting everyone and judging the gear on a person by person basis… takes forever that way and this seems like a much quicker way for me to do the same thing, plus adding notes on top is a bonus.

    I’ve never booted someone based on gear/gear score, I always give them the benefit of 4 – 5 pulls to see if they can manage. If they do, all is well… if not, I politely (and in a whisper) ask them if they have a different spec or gear set that may allow them to continue the run with.

    I had a run where the pally dps was actually a tank trying to get his dps spec geared up (he had mostly tank gear on) So I switched to dps and let him tank. My dps gear wasn’t anything special, but it was better than his and he tanked like a pro so the run went nice and smooth.

  22. First, thanks very much for this addon, it’s going to be incredibly useful. As mentioned here, it’s not for everyone, it depends on how you play the game and what you want to get out of it. If you want to run difficult content and often do that with players outside of your guild and friend list then for me, and I’m sure many others, it offers a few much needed capabilities.

    Of small but useful benefit is when tanking heroics I’m quickly able to assess the capability of the group and determine what type of pace I should initially set and who I need to keep an eye on.

    Of highly useful benefit is when putting PUG raids together, or adding PUGs to existing runs it makes it much easier to judge who will perform better in your group. I’m totally of the opinion that skill is greater than gear, but if I have never met someone or have never raided with them there is no way to assess their skill before we begin a raid and it’s too late. I will therefore use the tools at my disposal to make the best possible determination. Those tools used to just be an inspect, but then there was the Armory and then achievements and yes even Gearscore helped somewhat. This addon does the best I’ve seen so far at combining all that information into a quick summary, saving me time and giving the raid an increased chance of success.

    Thank you

  23. I hear too much QQing about this. The point is, this addon was made for people who raid and would like to down content. It helps the rest of the raid now if the person is going to be the best for their raid comp. Its called elitist group for a reason. I’m excited to get it installed. Maybe I will have less fail people come into my raids. I like to raid and I like to down content. Not everyone is a raider and not everyone can play their class to the best of their abilities. The less wipes I have to spend in ICC for unneseccary reasons the better, also the smaller the repair bill on my dk. 100g repair bills in ICC isnt fun. If this gives a higher chance of less failure than thats all that matters. The only people complaining about this addon are people who have been shunned in game for either not being geared enough for the raid that they want to get into or getting in and standing in fire and dying after being told multiple times by healers that fire does hurt and thats it not an attack power buff. For the people that raid and want to see the new content and want to get their t10 in a more efficient way, this add on sounds like a perfect match. For the sheer fact that I dont like wipping on a fight as simple as gunship maybe this addon will help me better decide who to not let into my raids. So if anyone is still complaining, its simple, learn boss mechanics and learn to play your class better by asking someone who either pulls higher numbers or holds threat better. Maybe they could teach you something you didn’t know. If you ever want to finish ICC 25 or imagine seeing it I suggest pulling over 7k dps consistently if you aren’t an amazing tank or healer. Oh and if a retort to this message is “I’m not a hardcore raider.” Then stop QQing, its pointless and learn to move out of fire.

  24. Interesting looking addon. I’m currently using gearscore (which I find useful) but this may work better. Lots of hate for these kind of addons here though, so I might just explain my evil ways.

    Whenever I’m trying to organise a PuG raid, I have the same decisions to make. How many healers to run with, how to assign the dps, that kind of thing.

    Take Ony 10 as a simple example. Let’s say I have 2 tanks, 2 healers, 5 dps and a spot to fill. What should I be looking for – dps or healer? How would those of you who don’t use these kind of addons make your decision?

    Next I need to decide whether ranged dps will stay on Ony through phase 2, which depends on whether I think the melee dps will be able to take down the adds in good time. Should they or shoudn’t they? How would you non-gearscore users make your decision?

    It’s pretty obvious that the success or failure of the pug depends on whether I make the right call on both of these decisions. I’m pretty sure everyone in the raid wants me to get this right. The big question is therefore…

    Should gear be a factor in the decision making in this case?

    You already know that I do consider it an important and am happy to use an addon that saves the whole raid time I’d otherwise spend inspecting people. I know that there are some of you who think this is wrong (no, not only wrong, but “the epitome of WoW arseholery”). I think not factoring gear into decisions like this will lead to worse decision making.

    What I won’t deny is that addons like this can be misused by idiots. So can chat channels. Much as I dislike idiots, I don’t blame trade chat for their personal failings, just like I don’t blame the addons when they misuse Recount or Gearscore.

    But back to the matter at hand, I’ve explained why I like these addons, and am interested in hearing why MY use of them, as described above, is “arseholery”.

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