2009 Blogging Retrospective

No WoW content here. Sorry, today is a day for belly-button gazing πŸ™‚

I’m starting into my fourth year of writing this blog. I’m still enjoying it so I’ll keep doing it. It was a little rocky earlier in the year. I had some problems juggling time. In April 2009 I started co-hosting the Twisted Nether Blogcast and that ate up a lot of my time. Add to that we weren’t progressing in raiding.. and I just wasn’t feeling it. Through the life of the blog I’ve rarely posted on the weekends.. but earlier in the year I was getting to the point where I was only posting 2-3 posts during the week. I’ve bounced back since then. Posts are much more regular now. I started doing addon reviews on Mondays and posting my weekly twitters on Sunday (the twitters are mostly for me as an archive). The first twitter weekly update was posted on 2009-08-16.

I’ve had a steady growth of page views through the year.

StatCounter says I had 254,350 Page loads in 2009. This is slightly down from 2008. I reset it to 0 on January 1, 2010.
Unique Visitors 2009: 178,196 This is slightly up from 2008.
Returning Visitors 2009: 35,963 This is also slightly down from 2008.

Feedburner shows I have ~611-734 feed subscribers. This is up from last year. According to their graph this is growing steadily.

Total blog entries: 936 (including this one)
2009: 245 This is down a bit from last year and the year before.
2008: 325
2007: 366
Total pages: 10
Total comments: 3,092 Approved (5,538 spam caught by Akismet)(Akismet has only been on since ~October)

Blog Red letter days:
Lately I’m seeing about 700-1000 page views per weekday.. but there have been some peaks.

Saturday 4/4 2,351 page views ( linked to “Warlockery: what was, what is, and what will be“)
Friday 6/26 2,963 page views “Addon: Power Auras Revisit” (links from -lots- of places)
Thursday 7/2 3,695 β€œInstance” (Another link from
Sunday 10/18-Monday 10/19 was my peak traffic days. linked to my (somewhat) Efficient Bucket List This generated ~11k page views.

Popular Entries:
The most popular post this year was actually written -two- years ago. That is “How I Heal, Grid+Clique“. This just says to me that I should do an update on that post since both grid and clique casting have evolved. Adding that to the To-Do list.

The post about the Hallow’s End candy buckets had the most spike traffic and continues to show on my “most popular list” even though it only generated spike interest for about 3-4 days.

The most popular post written -this- year was the post about Power Auras. It has generated the most on-going interest. For good reason, it’s a great addon. That said, I’m watching the development of “SexyAuras“. It’s supposed to do what Power Auras does.. only with less of a memory footprint and more (easily) configurable.

I’m actually really surprised that the post tiled “Beige.. I think I’ll paint the ceiling beige” is in my “most popular” list. This is the post I wrote for when I applied to be their Warlock class blogger. I didn’t get the position so I figured I might as well put up the post. As far as I know this post never had a spike of views.. and I don’t think it’s been linked by It just sort of trickled up to having 10k views. Weird.

So where is Mystic Chicanery going from here? Nowhere πŸ™‚ I’m going to stay here.. and keep on keeping on. I like the Monday Addon reviews. They’re helpful and fairly easy to write. For my benefit I’m going to keep the twitter archive although really they add very little to the blog’s content (so please, grin an bear it.. and feel free to skip them). I’ll try to stick with the 4-5 blog posts/week schedule and write about the things I find interesting (warlockery, guild leading, musings, etc). If that’s what you want to read.. then you’re in the right place. If not.. well it’s a wide world of blogs out there. Please feel free to let me know if I’ve missed something important. I -love- feedback. Even constructive feedback.

Past Retrospectives:
Blog Narcisism (March 2008)(looks like I forgot to do the actual naval gazing last year)
A year of Warcraft, 2007 (Dec 31, 2007)

5 thoughts on “2009 Blogging Retrospective

  1. Even though I don’t really play my warlock much anymore, I still love your blog, especially the nifty addons that you find. Hope 2010 is a success for you!

  2. I’ve enjoyed the read over the life of the blog for the last 4 years, since we started around the same time. Its been most enjoyable often just humerous. In some way a good blog is like a friend and in some ways you know most peoples blog better than your own guildie following then over the long period of time.

    So enjoy the reflection back on 2009. I’ve been working allot over the holidays and i just been just too tired to even write my own. I know i have to but i dread just writing it because its gonna take me a few hrs to do at least πŸ™

  3. Four years of blogging is very serious time for me. I cannot even praise of working at one place for such a period, hope it’s bacause I am still very young but whatever. Dreaming about the day when I could say the same for my website and blog…It’s my first visit to your blog and I like it very much. Good luck!

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