Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-01-17

  • WRT WoW hacked char "care pkg" does this mean if they take the care pkg that even the contents of the guild bank won't be restored? #
  • See maybe it's just cause I'm a packrat.. & raider .. but I'm not sure -who- would be happy with the care package. #
  • – It's a good think that DPS on trash doesn't count.. otherwise I'd get a swollen head from 11k dps on trash before #
  • Telling comment: "…we took a guildie through HoL w/ him on follow while he ate dinner. It was better than random 5th" #
  • New TNB: "Ep 72: Dwarves in the Hall" Be sure to read the show notes, Beli's answers are there. #tnb #warcraft #
  • OMG! Must check out the pic posted on Flinthammer Hall about the interview with TNB. I had an "OMG THAT'S ME" moment #
  • Note to self: check on ability of Prat/Chatter to track alts & add aliases. Also, need crafting nag back. #
  • <Caffeine>, my guild, downed Festergut in ICC-10. I posted about it on official forums & a forum troll was nice to me. The world is ending. #
  • Ugh.. our weekly raid is Marrowgar. What a PITA. V. hard to schedule progressions and very had to get ppl to fill in later if we need it. #
  • RT: @Wynthea if my hps is higher than each dps, I'm not the problem. 🙂 #
  • New MC post: Shiny new Armory #WoWArmory #features #
  • I want to put Pat Robertson on my RL /ignore list. I wish that would remove him from all future media viewings. #
  • New MC post: "Whar's ma DPS?" Affliction Checklist #warcraft #affliction #maxdps #manifesto #
  • I'm having one of those narcissistic days.. I wrote an afflock manifesto & I'm hoping for comments.. so I'm slavishly watching page views. #
  • RT @TwistedNether: New on TNB: : TNB Live Friday 1/15 8pm PST – Typhoon Andrew #
  • #blizzchat Any plans to have another afflock spell proc shadow embrace? Stacking to 3 with only 2 spells procing it is awkward to start up. #
  • #blizzchat Any chance we could get more than radio silence from the "official fan site" Blizz email? #
  • #blizzchat Dance Studios? #
  • #blizzchat WTB E-bay type ranking of folks in Random Dungeon. Any chance of getting it? #
  • #Blizzchat any plans to help encourage more tanks? Dungeon Finder pops instantly for tanks but ~15 mins for dps. #
  • #blizzchat If the plan is for players to have bigger health pools in cata, will this be gradual over 80-85 or sudden when patch 4.0 hits? #
  • #blizzchat Can we get "disenchant" added as a loot option for master looters so they can disenchant to loot master's bags a la Random DF? #
  • #blizzchat Any plans to add access out-of-game to /gchat? ie, make it IM accessible when outside the game. #
  • #blizzchat At Blizzcon, the Worgen staring area had a Victorian feel. Will we see more "steampunk" in WoW with Cataclysm? #
  • #blizzchat Any thought to giving us an "account vault" that we can use instead of getting "guild of one" bank toon? #
  • #blizzchat Will we be able to mail BOAs cross realm to our far-flung alts? #
  • #blizzchat Will we get more character slots in Cataclysm? please! oh pretty please!! OMG PLEASE!! #
  • #blizzchat 0 & 25 raids are mostly the same. It feels like the 25-mans got cheated of a unique raid experience. Are you happy with this? #

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