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Month: February 2010

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-02-28

RT: @MissMedicina Remember this: The hit-counter isn't what matters. It's the community you take part in building that does. # <Caffeine> first down of Rotface in ICC-10. Woot for progress! # Item 1: I love my guildies Item 2: NSFW, but pretty damn funny "The […]

Choice is interesting

Here’s something I’ve observed.. Blizz thinks (possibly rightly) that choice is more interesting than non-choice. They’re putting extreme amounts of effort into the game just to provide you with valid alternatives. They’ve given Warlocks 3 viable raiding specs and are working to make them each […]

What goes around.. keeps going around…

Our timeline. BC: Warlocks hit lifetap to get mana back by sacrificing health. Some (bad) warlocks hit LOTS of lifetaps all at once scaring the healers. Warlocks cackle maniacally. Wrath Development(late 2008): Blizz consolidates gear so Warlocks are sharing gear with priests and mages. This […]

Iced Coffee, Extra Smooth

Last week <Caffeine> -finally- downed Rotface. I wasn’t in the run. We’d been late getting home from visiting family. I’m -really- really- pleased that the guild was able to down Rotface without either myself or my honey (a guild tank) in the run. I have […]

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-02-21

I'm sore, sunburned, wind-burned, and have splinters. I must be back from vacataion. Hi ya'all 😀 # Considering Fordragon said "no one must ever know" it's odd that they made it into a movie that plays when you click the fountain. #Warcraft # Made of […]

Idle 5: Pugs, DKP and Raiding

1. DPSing in a raid after being on vacation is kind of surreal. My fingers remember what to do much better than my head. Add to that, it’s all so very very pretty. I’m still a little distracted by how pretty the game is. 2. […]

Vacation Eyes

Oops.. I did that thing again where I go off on vacation and forget to let you all know about it. 😀 ah well.. I’m back now. The good thing about taking a week off the game is that suddenly everything is very pretty.. the […]

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-02-07

Orb is the new chest boss. Srsly..this one click at a time thingy is for the birds. # I use as a place to keep my "Affliction cheatsheet". I wish more bloggers would do the same. It's a great resource. # New MC Post: […]


Psynister asked about cooldowns on Soulstones on twitter. Once upon a time I used Necrosis. Then it became a huge resource suck and I had to find another way to manage all the fiddly warlock things. I finally settled on using a lot of macros. […]

Idle Speculation: Seed Spamming

No answers here.. this is totally a wondering.. more of a reminder to me that I need to experiment with this to find out the “real” answer… BUT: If we’re pulling a big pack of mobs (ie, the groups in the ICC Lower spire) and […]