Technically Ventrilo isn’t an addon. It’s an external program you can use in conjunction with World of Warcraft.

From Wikipedia – Ventrilo:
Ventrilo is a proprietary VoIP program which allows users to talk to each other, similar to a telephone conference call, but the conference call is made via VoIP. A microphone and speakers, or a headset, must be connected to each person’s computer to use the program.

For the most part you setup your Ventrilo client software, connect to a Ventrilo server and it just works. In some cases you’ll need to fiddle some of your settings so that you sound the best and have the least amount of feedback. I’m not an expert on this and really I’ve just sat in vent fiddling dials and then demaning “How’s it now?” until it got to the point where it sounded good.

That said, there are a few special (non-obvious) things you can setup.

Comments/URL Sharing
By clicking the “Comment” button you can add a comment or a URL after your name in the Vent display. Other users can copy this comment or URL by right clicking your name, Choosing “Miscellaneous” and then choosing “copy comment” or “copy comment URL”. This is a very quick and easy way to share long URLs.

It’s possible to connect to multiple vent servers concurrently. Say for example you have a guild vent and then need to pop onto another vent for a pug run. It may be that you want to continue to listen on your guild vent (where interesting conversations happen) while still being able to hear your pug vent. Just add a -m flag to the link that you use to launch the application and you should be all set.
1.Right click your Ventrilo desktop icon.
2.Go into “Properties”.
3.Go into the “Shortcut” tab.
4.In the “Target” box type add “-m” after the .exe

You probably will want to fiddle the setup of the multiple windows and have a different key bound for “push-to-talk” on each vent.

Normalize Ventrilo
It’s possible to “normalize Vent” this will make loud-talkers (coughers/sneezers) quieter and make quiet-talkers louder. For the most part it will even out the conversation.. You will still occasionally find people who need to be manually adjusted.. but it will be less common.

1.Go to Setup
2.Enable Direct Sound
3.Select the SFX Button
4.Select Compressor and click Add.
5.Under Compressor Properties use the settings to the left. That is: Gain=5, Attack=10, Release=511, Threshold=-30, Ratio=100, Pre delay=4.0.

Adjust Gain up/down to control how loud people are.

Also of interest:
Key Bindings – Allow you to be in one channel and broadcast into another channel (so your raid leader can talk to the other raid members from a separate room, without hearing the raid members talking amongst themselves).

Phantoming allows an Admin to “listen” in on several channels at once. Phantoms have a “P” in front of their name.

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  1. The latest technical issue I am having with Vent is the push to talk button not working while in game. I can hide WoW and hit the key but otherwise it doesn’t even chime when I hit it. To resolve the issue, I exit WoW and reenter the game. All fixed. I’ve skimmed my key-bindings, but haven’t seen one mapped to the ~ key that I use.
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  2. Why can’t a company with Blizzard’s resources either create their own program rivaling ventrilo or failing that, come up with an agreement with ventrilo that facilitates tighter in game integration?
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  3. Helped us alot, now everyone can talk quiet or scream and still have the same inbound and outbound, thanks a bunch!

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