Vacation Eyes

Oops.. I did that thing again where I go off on vacation and forget to let you all know about it. 😀 ah well.. I’m back now.

The good thing about taking a week off the game is that suddenly everything is very pretty.. the spells are just lovely.. though I will admit.. it all moves kind of funny and if I watch it too closely I get a little motion sick.

The bad thing is that my vacation was me off doing my other all-encompassing hobby.. and realizing I really want to spend more time on it.

I play in the SCA which is a medieval recreation group. We get dressed up in medieval clothes and go spend weekends (or sometimes weeks) practicing living history. I really enjoy it.. and I’ve woefully neglected it for the last few years. So.. there is that. I’m not sure what it will mean.. but I definately need to steal the time from somewhere else.. and right now the biggest time-suck is WoW.

Honestly.. it’s possible that a little less WoW may be good.

I’m not quiting.. I’m not going cold turkey.. I’m just.. re-evaluating. Stay tuned for more.

4 thoughts on “Vacation Eyes

  1. Like the load screen says “take all things in moderation (including Warcraft).” When RL is taking a backseat, you have no idea on who’s driving.

    That sounds deeper than I meant it to be.
    .-= Elkagorasa´s last blog ..Stratholme Repairs! =-.

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