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Idle 5: Pugs, DKP and Raiding

1. DPSing in a raid after being on vacation is kind of surreal. My fingers remember what to do much better than my head. Add to that, it’s all so very very pretty. I’m still a little distracted by how pretty the game is.

2. A guildie refers to Emblems of Triumph as “Emblems of Guild Appreciation” because after you pug for long enough.. you really come to appreciate your guildies.

3. I am immensely saddened that there isn’t a vote-to-kick in pug raids. If anything Pugs make me appreciate my guild even more. Last night I pugged into Noth for the weekly raid. 10-man. I was on my pally healer. The group had a mage and a boomkin. When the curses showed up I typed in /ra “Oh, please cleanse the curse” BOOM curse explodes everyone in the raid drops to ~1/3 health. I healed through it. Second curse showed up. I typed in /ra “Please cleanse the curse” BOOM curse explodes, everyone in the raid drops to ~1/3 health. I healed through it. Third curse showed up. I typed in /ra “FFS AND ALL THAT IS HOLY CLEANSE THE FKING CURSE YOU MOOKS” BOOM curse exploded. Noth dies. It’s not that I didn’t think we could win if mage-boy and crit-chicken didn’t cleanse the curse.. it’s the fact that by hitting cleanse twice they would have saved me from having to individually heal 10 fking people. Because mage-boy and crit-chicken were so hyper focused on winning the DPS meter I had to work harder. So congratulations.. they won the DPS meter ON NOTH THE UTTERLY IRRELEVANT PLAGUEBRINGER. /golfclap FUCKING MOOKS.

4. The rest of the guild leadership is talking about instituting some kind of DKP system in the guild. I’m not convinced the benefits out weigh the hassle/QQing to come. Anyone know of good resources about different types of DPK and want to point them out to me?

5. In ICC our weekly random quest was to kill the Rotting Frost Giant. We picked up the quest and then almost immediately the tank pulled the Giant. As he was pulling he said “you all go stand over there, we’ll go over here.. dps him down.. gogogo”. It worked for about 30 seconds.. then we all go breathed on, blown up in the air and I got the disease.

Slow motion thoughts: Hey, I have a skull over my head. I wonder what that means. Oh, look, I have the plague(or something). What does it say.. Reading: blah blah 8000 blah If the Plague does not find a new host, it KILLS you.
WHOA!! Need to infect someone FAST. BAM. Lilac dies.

So we wiped the first time. When we ran back in we got a much better explanation. While we were getting the explanation one of the raiders asked:

Raider 1: How do we give the disease to someone?
Raider 2:/target /lick

Think about that. How awesome would it be to have a game mechanic where you have to find someone and /lick them. I’m howling with laugher just thinking about it.

On the second try we killed him. Horray for free badges.

12 thoughts on “Idle 5: Pugs, DKP and Raiding

  1. I’m obviously biased, but here’s my two cents.

    I think we need to do *something* before we start doing 25s, because while our current DBAD system works for now (mostly because we all know each other, our general needs, and we’re not dicks), there’s just too many people in a 25 to continue relying on pure random chance to hand out loots. On the other hand, I’m not a fan of DKP. DKP tends to be pretty unfriendly for people who are brand-spankin’ new to the raid. I dunno how much that weighs into your consideration, but there you have it.

    The last two actively raiding guilds I was in used Suicide Kings. The one before that used a fairly confusing version of “one more” where there was one price for on-spec gear, a different price for off-spec gear, and the people bidding for offspec had to /roll – essentially you used DKP to buy a chance to /roll … I don’t recommend that one. I think Fim’s guild uses EPGP successfully (and there’s addons to support it – really nice addons).
    .-= Stop´s last blog ..We were all boneheads once =-.

  2. Conspiracy uses EPGP and Lissanna said it works out fine. I haven’t been able to raid, really, so I haven’t had much experience with it.

  3. EPGP is a system which can be easily administered with addons, and rewards people proportionally for the time they raid. The more the raid the more they get rewarded, and even if they only raid a little bit they can still snag a very nice piece of loot once in awhile.

    You can find a reasonably simple explanation here: http://www.epgpweb.com/help/system
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  4. Like some of the above commenters, I heartily recommend EP/GP.

    We found that in scaling up to 25s, people that in 10s had been very happy to pass minor upgrades to others etc got quite loot hungry and EP/GP remembers who has had loot helping to spread the drops a bit more equally.

    The admin of the system is really easy. Store the data in the officers notes in-game and use the addon to award EP and GP during raids. Decay it by pushing a button once a week (this is the hardest thing actually as it requires someone to remember doing this at the same time each week). You can also upload the data to the EPGP website as snapshots, good as data backup.

    If you can get everyone to install the masterloot addon on top of the addon that just shows the standings, it is even easier. Everyone then gets a popup box for each piece of loot that they can use and you have many options to choose from. Can’t remember exactly, but something like: Need, minor upgrade, offspec, greed and pass. The addon then tells the ML who said what and shows them in loot priority order.

    So low admin, easy to explain to (most) people and ticks all the boxes we wanted.

    I’d recommend having a look at the write-up about it over on Cold Comfort – I used that to explain it to my guildies as I think he explains it very well: http://blog.cold-comfort.org/epgp/
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  5. Another vote for EPGP.

    The best argument for it and most other DKP systems is that it prevents the arguable inequity of having a new member to the guild, a pug, or someone who otherwise doesn’t participate as much from walking away with a great upgrade for one of your core raiders. I’ve watched several times as a guild member who has been waiting for months for a particular upgrade – usually a trinket – lose it when the item finally drops because our loot system is a simple roll and the pug healer who stepped in that day to do 1000hps and “LUL” in raid chat rolled higher.

    The basic question that DKP systems address is whether you want to reward participation. If you do, DKP systems and EPGP in particular are elegant ways to handle loot. As others have commented, EPGP also has a lot of addon support so if you can get everyone to download the requisite addons, all loot distribution is pretty much automated from there on. No drama, no wasting time arguing/waiting for rolls, and completely transparent.

  6. We use a system that works really well for us (obviously your mileage may vary)

    Simply put, in 10man we don’t use any DKP what so ever. Roll for mainspec/offspec that’s it.

    In 25man we use Suicide Kings (http://www.wowwiki.com/Suicide_Kings) which is an “all in” DKP system. You accumulate DKP like usual, and when an item drops whoever rolls that has the highest DKP wins, and he loses all his DKP. Hence he ‘suicides’.

    It works really well as people can’t really hoard up DKP, and if you just lost out on a roll for that über holy pally item, the chances are very high that you’ll pretty much guaranteed to win the next one instead that picks your fancy
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