Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-02-21

  • I'm sore, sunburned, wind-burned, and have splinters. I must be back from vacataion. Hi ya'all 😀 #
  • Considering Fordragon said "no one must ever know" it's odd that they made it into a movie that plays when you click the fountain. #Warcraft #
  • Made of win!"It’s a PDF of a screenshot of a scan of a Word document printed on a dishtowel. With fonts!" (via @gridoo) #
  • RT: @kathunter Congrats to the StarCraft 2 team. Beta has officially begun! Let me know if you are playing! #
  • Lilac casts summon pizza. #
  • ICC random is Rotting Frost Giant Raider 1 asks:How do we give the disease to someone? Raider 2:/target /lick #
  • LOL from work: Boss: we can't sit on this for 1.5 months. Co-worker: Why not, we've already sat on it for 2 years. #
  • RT: @BlogAzeroth Welcome to the new Moderators on Blog Azeroth! #
  • TNB staring soon!! You should so totally be there! We're talking with @starmike from World of Warcast Podcast. #
  • I feel deliciously geeky that I know all the ppl asking GC questions (would the real GC please stand up) #

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