Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-02-28

  • RT: @MissMedicina Remember this: The hit-counter isn't what matters. It's the community you take part in building that does. #
  • <Caffeine> first down of Rotface in ICC-10. Woot for progress! #
  • Item 1: I love my guildies Item 2: NSFW, but pretty damn funny "The Penis Encounter" #
  • I LOL'd "Lamentations of the father" #
  • No no @Fimlys, admit it, this song: filked as a Polygamerous theme song. Totally full of WIN! #
  • RT: @TwistedNether Change in show tonight.. Shy at Wow & TNB were confuzzled on TimeZones.. @NinthBatter will be joining us tonight! 8pm PST #
  • If I were deeply into Steampunk or Dickens Fair I would so totally need to buy a pair of these #shoes #WTB #
  • New MC Post: "Choice is Interesting" #
  • My problem with Formspring is that my questions always feel passive aggressive and I would rather not ask than be perceived that way. #
  • TNB STARTING NOW(ish) (It'd start sooner but Fim is debating the merits of Blue Oyser cult) YOU should be here too!!! #
  • /pokes twitter.. you dead? #

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