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We had too many ranged DPS sign up for ICC this week. I volunteered to sit out. I’ve gone on most of the guild runs and it’s only fair. The group did great even without me. They burned through all of the lower spire, festergut and rotface in a little less than 2 hours. Then they got really good attempts in on the Blood Princes. I’m very proud.

While my guild was running ICC I ran off and did VoA. I picked up the Sanctified Dark Coven Gloves from VoA-25 and the Furious Gladiator’s Pendant of Dominance from VoA-10. This meant I had to fiddle around both my “Boss 14%” clothes and my “High Stamina” set. When I get new gear I fiddle my gear around to get the highest pawn score and yet still keep at my hit cap. This “fiddling” can take upwards of 2-3 hours depending on whether I’m doing a quick gear swap.. or if I’m doing a full gear audit to make sure I have the best gear set for each of my sets (14% hit, 17% hit, High Stamina, etc). This is kind of a PITA and not terribly interesting.. just kind of manual. While I was working on these sets I found myself thinking “Gosh, it’s too bad that Outfitter can’t just read my Pawn settings to make these gear sets automatically”. Amazingly enough somebody already thought of that. Hidden deep in the menus of Outfitter is the option to have outfitter rebuild your gearset based on a Pawn scale.**

I normally maintain two Pawn rankings for my Warlock. “Warlock(dps)” which is my pawn scale which ignores hit and “Warlock(hit)” which only considers hit. I didn’t want to change my existing scales. I still need those to help evaluate drops. To get Outfitter to automagically manage my gear I needed to make a new scale which would somewhat consider hit.

1. In Pawn I copied “Warlock(dps)” to a new scale called “Warlock(sliding)”.
2. In Pawn I updated “Warlock(sliding)” so that Hit was worth something (I started with 25). Close Pawn.
3. In Outfitter I built a new empty gear set called “Pawn Warlock Sliding”
4. In outfitter, on that outfit I choose “Rebuild for”, “Pawn”, “Warlock(sliding)” (see picture)
Initially this gave me a set with ~900 hit rating. Since I was aiming for 368 hit rating this meant my scale was valuing hit -way- too highly.

5. Open Pawn.
6. Adjust value of hit in the “Warlock (sliding)” scale.
7. Close Pawn.
8. In Outfitter, rebuild gearset based on “Warlock(sliding)” scale.
9. If my hit rating was “close enough” to my goal then I’m done.. otherwise goto 5.

I ended up with hit valued at 1.085 and my hit rating at 386. I recognize that’s about 20 hit rating over.. but when I drop the value of hit in pawn my hit rating would drop to 308 which was -way- too low. So 386 was as close as I can get it without going under the hit rating.

Caveats: This method depends on having a good pawn scale.. and trusting it. It’s all still GIGO. Good luck.

**The newest version of Pawn imported a BUNCH of scales from WowHead so you’ll find that your custom gear scales will be greyed out. Not to worry. Reading through the comments on Outfitter on Curse shows that someone else ran into this problem and already came up with the solution. A quick edit to the .lua later and I was in business (this update to the .lua will be included in the next release version of Outfiter)(lua change described here Start with the comment by LaoTseu. LMK if you need more info).

4 thoughts on “Outfitter + Pawn

  1. Have you tried Rawr? I don’t know if the warlock module is any good, but with Rawr you can select all your gear and it will automatically optimize a gear set, even considering all your raid buffs and hit caps.

  2. @Argon
    I haven’t tried Rawr. Mostly outside the game I stick with SimulationCraft. I haven’t heard Rawr referred to as a good Warlock resource.

    In this case I’m usng Pawn+Outfitter to evaluate the gear I have. My biggest problem with outside the game gear lists is that they pick Best in Slot assuming you have total access to all the rest of the best in slot. I don’t know about you.. but I have horrible luck in getting drops. So in most cases I need to evaluate what I have and build my gear set from there.

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