Rotface Strategy Notes

<Caffeine> was stuck on Rotface for 6 weeks. That’s six weeks of death by goo. That’s a lot of time to faceplant on the same boss. Gave me a lot of time to read a lot of strategies.. and a lot of different things to try.

So here you go.. here’s what we learned and what’s working for us. I’m totally going to steal Fulguralis’ picture and repurpose it to my own usage.

Initial pull:
Tank runs into the room and grabs Rotface (indicated by tank icon in image you can barely see behind Rotface in image). Tank turns Rotface so his butt is towards the rest of the group. Our Main Tank is a Pally so he also is in charge of cleansing the infected.
Off-Tank runs into the room and goes immediately to the left (I think that’s the south side of the room). He waits there and doesn’t move (this is the same spot we have him return to after an big ooze explosion).
Everyone else runs in and stands directly on Rotface’s butt. Hunters stand a little bit back to get range. DPS and heals remain there.

Large slime pools
If you’re kiting the large ooze then just run through the big slime pool. They slow you down a little bit and do some damage but it’s more important that you keep the big slime on the outside of the room. Be careful that a small slime pool might be hiding in the large slime pool.

If you’re one of the infected.. then don’t worry overly much about the large slime pools. Yes, it’s better to avoid them (especially if there might be a small slime pool hiding in it) but for the most part this isn’t what is going to kill you.

Small slime pools
The large ooze and the small ooze will spit out small slime pools. They’re perfectly round small pools of almost insta-gib death. Avoid them at all costs. Pay attention to where the oozes have spit them out and don’t run through them. The do a lot of damage and -really- slow you down.

Occasionally Rotface will turn around to vomit on someone who is not the main tank. If he turns towards the main group you should run straight forward, through Rotface, turn around and dps him from there for ~3-5 seconds until he stops vomiting and turns back around to face the tank. Then move back to your original location. Do not stay on the tank.. we really don’t want him to vomit on the tank.

Big Ooze
A big ooze is formed when 2 or more small oozes merge. It has a mean melee swing that will usually 1-2 shot tanks. It also has a pulsing aura around it that does a LARGE amount of damage if you’re too close to it. Big oozes must be kited and are tauntable. The off-tank will need to be careful to keep aggro over the healers.

If 5+ small oozes merge then the big ooze will explode. It will spray out debris that will land wherever someone was standing when it exploded. Watch the exploding ooze, move to a clear spot after it starts throwing out it’s debris.

Someone in the party (not the main tank) will get an infection. CLEANSE IT IMMEDIATELY. The infection does more damage than the little ooze does. Cleansing the infection will cause a small ooze to form that is fixated on the person who was infected. If that person dies the small ooze will aggro onto either a healer or the MT. They cannot be taunted.

If this is small ooze #1 or #2 (either at the start or after an explosion) run to the off-tank and STAND THERE. Don’t move. Continue DPSing and healing if you can. When there are two small oozes they will merge into a big ooze, the Off-tank will taunt the big-ooze and will start kiting it. THEN you can run back to stand with the rest of the group.

The Off-tank will kite the big ooze around the outside of the room in a clock-wise direction. There’s in fact a circle on the ground that makes it easy to follow. If you’re on the circle then you’re in heal range of the healers who are in the center of the room.

If you get infected and there’s already a big ooze up then you will need to convince your ooze to merge with the big ooze.

Steps to Ooze Whispering:
1. You should be immediately cleansed so you drop a small ooze.
1a. Do not run through any small slime pools. They will kill you (2nd most common cause of death)
2. Identify where the kiter -is- and head toward the outer circle 90 degrees ahead of the kiter. IE: if the kiter is a 12 o’clock then you should turn and head towards 3 o’clock.
3. When you reach the outer circle, turn left and follow the circle towards the kiter. You’re running counter-clock-wise. Kiter is running clock-wise.
4. When you meet the kiter, turn right and head for the wall (do not pass between the kiter and the big ooze. You don’t want to be close to the big ooze. It will melee and aoe you to death)(most deaths occur here)
5. When the big ooze passes you by, J-hook around the back of the big ooze and drop off your little ooze. Think of it like the frogger boss in Naxx.
6. If you have successfully dropped off your ooze, head back to the main group. If not, Goto 2 and re-attempt.

Try not to die.

8 thoughts on “Rotface Strategy Notes

  1. We’re also having trouble with Rotface, so I passed this on to my guild’s raid leaders!
    .-= crankyhealer´s last blog ..So you just became GM, now what? =-.

  2. I read Fuu’s description of the fight and I then understood why friends are dying on this fight. Yours is quite a bit simpler (no kidney bean rotation of the kite). Sort of what I imagined the Malygos fight was going to be when someone tried to verbally explain it. Complicated to explain, easy to execute.

    Unfortunately, guild is still too small (leader just leveled druid tank) for ICC. No ICC yet for me.
    .-= elkagorasa´s last blog ..Variety is the spice of the Heroics =-.

  3. @crankyhealer
    Hope it helps.

    .. it’s a collection of a lot of simple things that if you get them all exactly right.. you win.. but if one thing goes wrong.. you all die.. screaming and covered in green slime.

    If you’re kiting and the big ooze spits out a little slime pool at your feet just as you’re adjusting your camera to taunt the big slime and Rotface vomits on you.. it’s a whole bunch of little things that can make this go bad.

    Before the nerf (3/4) if one person died we’d call it a wipe. Last time I was in there we finished with 3 people dead. It’s the kind of fight you have to die on a while before you -get- it.

  4. Yay… the paint lives on! Thanks for the “experience buff”… much better than mine :-).

    I figured we were making it harder than it had to be, so I just wanted to get the rough strat down on paper. e-paper, as it were.

    If this is a normal response, I’m going to have to prod you more of bad MS paints.
    .-= Fulguralis´s last blog ..To Break A Wall =-.

  5. Good news, everyone! I’ve fixed the poison slime pipes!

    For DK slime-kiting tanks, we can sustain ourselves pretty well through the big slime pipes; popping either Anti-Magic Shell OR Icebound Fortitude is usually enough to enable a full trip across an entire big slime pipe puddle with little to no damage. Plus, if it’s AMS, you get the bonus of a nearly full runic power bar.

    If you’re Unholy, this fight is extra easy: put up Bone Shield. Barring the times when you get hit by little slimes (because they start on you), Bone Shield should be up for its entire duration, lessening all damage from slime pools by 20%.
    .-= Stop´s last blog ..Caffeine is recruiting! =-.

  6. There’s a caveat to the cleanse early, cleanse often rule. You should try to the give the infected a little time to get outside the clump of the raid. It’s pretty easy to end up with more than one big slime if you don’t, and that can easily spell disaster. Some people are worse than others at realizing they’ve been infected, regardless of DBM’s yelling.

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