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Dog wipes raid

The WoW Gods hate us.

Blow #1:
We’ve been trying to do ToGC for a while. Every time we put it up we don’t have enough signups. When asked people said it was just an inconvenient time/night/something came up. So we rescheduled it to Tuesday (a normally convenient time) and said we won’t be raiding ICC until we finish ToGC.

Blow #2:
It’s the third Tuesday of the month. I’m supposed to go to a RL meeting. I skipped the meeting because I wanted to make sure our raid went off.

Blow #3:
We only had one tank signed up for the run. We have 4 tanks in the guild. Two have gone mysteriously AFK for the last couple weeks and one doesn’t normally run on Tuesdays. After much kerfuffle the raid leader decided to delay the raid for one hour and see if we had someone log in.

Blow #4:
An hour later we got someone to come on their alt to tank it and reformed. One of the raiders was afk (licking pretzels or something like that) and didn’t return for ~5 minutes.

Blow #5:
We all zoned in and buffed and DRANK OUR FLASKS and then suddenly the heal lead stopped talking as he was handing out raiding assignments. About 3 minutes later he hopped back on and told us his wife had noticed that their chihuahua had a gnarly nail and had touched their chihuahua’s foot to trim it.. and the dog snapped at her and bit her lip. He then popped off of vent.

My fiance joked that he was going to have to take her to the hospital for stitches. Five minutes later the heal lead popped back on vent and said he was going to have to go take his wife to the hospital for stitches.

Killing Blow:
The only healer we could possibly pull into the run.. was attending that RL meeting I mentioned in Blow #2. She didn’t skip it. /facepalm

3 thoughts on “Dog wipes raid

  1. The things people will do just to not raid ToGC!! Hope she’s OK though.

    I’ve had my dog want to go out, and/or kid wake up, just as a fight would start. Luckily as a lock, I can cast a long, channeled spell, like Drain Life, and typically be back in the room by the time it’s done.
    .-= elkagorasa´s last blog ..Thorough reading of the 3.3.3 Patch notes. =-.

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