Afflock Cataclysm: Let’s Pretend

If Cataclysm dropped tomorrow and Affliction had only the changes described so far…what would a raid fight look like?

Which Curse? Curse of the Elements if there’s no Boomkin/Unholy DK
Otherwise Curse of Weakness (yes, I had to look it up) (doesn’t stack with Demoralizing Roar(Feral Druid), Demoralizing Shout(Warrior), Vindication(Paladin in the Ret tree)
Otherwise Curse of Tongues (srsly.. are there bosses who aren’t immune to this?)(doesn’t stack with Lava Breath(BM Hunter)(exotic pet), Mind-numbing Poison (Rogue), Slow (Mage))
Srsly.. can we get another curse? Like Curse of the Not Boring.. or something. Where is my evil.. my whiff of darkness.. srsly.. elements, weakness, and tongues /sigh

Which Bane? Since blue said “pandemic will refresh bane of agony”, I’m guessing Bane of Agony is the affliction bane of choice.

– Buff someone crit-happy with Dark Intent(wonder if it’ll coexist with Focus Magic on the same target also wonder if it can be melee-crits)
– Lifetap (to activate glyph)
– Pre-pot. (Probably Potion of Speed.)

– (CotEl) – Haunt- SBx2 – Bane of Agony/Corruption/UA/(CoW or CoT) (no real order for these last 3-4)

– Infernal if off cooldown (Doomguard??)
– Demon Soul (probably every 2 mins)
– Haunt (After it comes off cooldown and at least 1.5 seconds before it expires) (refresh corr and shadow embrace)
– Bane of Agony(After the last Bane expires)(Hmm.. or with the “can’t overwrite DoTs”.. maybe ~2 seconds before it expires?)
– UA(4.5-1.5 seconds before it expires)
– Curse (if it goes down)
– Shadow Bolt(refreshes corr and shadow embrace) or Drain Life (refreshes corr)

If I have to move
– life tap/dark pact(activate glyph/get mana back)
– Fel Flame (refreshes UA)(not sure if this will be preferred refresh over UA recast probably depends on the fight/cooldown)
– refresh Bane of Agony
– Death Coil
– refresh Curse

Finisher(below 25%)
– Haunt (refreshes Shadows Embrace and Corruption)
– Curse (if it is CotEl)
– Drain Soul (refreshes UA and bane of agony)(also refreshes corr)

There’s a lot of “this refreshes that” going on in Affliction in Cataclysm. It will take a while to get used to what I need to cast to keep everything up. It looks like by separating Curses and Banes I get to push another spell during combat. I like the change of Infernal and Doomguards to temporary buff pets that don’t replace my regular pet. That said, it looks like our Finisher became a whole lot simpler.

So far Drain Life+Soul Burn or Unstable Affliction+Soul Burn look like the best uses of my Soul Shards.. but with only 3 they’re precious and a quick gulp of the boss’s life or front loading some damage on a single UA.. meh.. still not convinced.

I’d still like to see the range increased on Demonic Teleport. It continues to piss me off when I can see my portal but can’t teleport to it.

4 thoughts on “Afflock Cataclysm: Let’s Pretend

  1. Ahhhh you beat me to posting something cool again. /target Queen of Affliction /bow

    I loved affliction with 6 DoTs. I like that the juggling of spells is coming back. There I said it. Though, question, will we still have to have the group summon the DG or can we use the Summon Demon + Soul Burn thingy to get one in combat?

    Also, looking on Wowhead at CoW Rank 9, in the comments (don’t know if I can link in comments), talented + lvl 80 CoW = 584 AP reduction & some armor reduction. Demo Roar & Shout both talented & level 80 do 575 AP reduction. Not to mention the Demos are 30s versus CoW’s 2min. So Boomkin/Unholy DK aside, CoW might not be as bad backup curse.
    .-= Poneria´s last blog ..Cataclysm Warlock Stuff =-.

  2. Just a thought if spirit is going away from our wanted list will the LT glyph still be good or even exist?

  3. I just know it is going to take a bit to get the muscle memory back with using even more buttons.

    Don’t get me wrong, I am looking forward to it, just expecting my fingers to flail.
    .-= Millea´s last blog ..We met in WoW =-.

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